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Help Billy w/ Legal Exspenses and Get His Son Back
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My name is Billy, I'm 36 and am a soon to be divorced stay at home father. I am in desperate need on money to pay for ever increasing legal fees due to a nasty custody battle for my son and an estate lawsuit with my greedy step father.

My name is Billy, I'm 36 and am a soon to be divorced stay at home father. I am in desperate need of money to pay for ever increasing legal fees due to a nasty custody battle for my son and a divorce.

I have been a stay at home father the past 5 years of a wonderful little boy, Billy jr, who is now six years old. I was also a very loving and supportive husband to my wife Patricia who was out chasing her "dream" while I stayed home and ran our family after I was laid off from a very good job.

In late 2010 everything started to fall apart. My marriage was slowly failing despite my best efforts and my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Over the course of this time I have dealt with numerous surgical operations and chemotherapy treatments that my mother had to endure and I watched her suffer a tremendous amount both physically and psychologically. At the same time my marriage was falling apart and I lived with constant suspicions that my wife was lying and cheating on me with other men due to her increasingly suspicious behavior. All while I was at home doing my best to raise our son. Throw in my own bout with skin cancer in June of 2013 and you get the point, it sucked.

Sadly on May 7th, 2014 I lost my mother to the cancer. It has devastated my life in a way that I could never have imagined. Just a week later my wife decided it was a good time to leave me, so with the help of my mothers husband she moved out into her own rent free apartment that he provided for her and left me to raise our son all by myself.

My mother's husband has also decided that he wants to keep all of my mother's assets to himself and has to this day not given me any of the things she wanted me to have. Not even my own baby pictures. We all knew she had a will but it has somehow vanished since she passed. This is a man who has made my life miserable for almost 30 years, he also sexually abused me as a young boy. He is a cruel, cold hearted, arrogant man who will stop at nothing to hurt me as much as he can now that my mother is gone. He has always resented the love my mother had for me.

Also since the death of my mother her husband has provided a rent free apartment for my wife to live in, given her many items that belonged to my mother including jewelry and other valuables and I later found out that they both spent a week together alone in the Caribbean, my wife told me she was at a business convention. The whole seven days she was there she didn’t call once to check on how our son was doing.

 My wife also took me off of her health insurance in early June and I didn’t find out until three weeks later when I was actually at the doctors office getting a check up. I have a tremendous anxiety disorder that I need medication for and have had skin cancer twice in 10 years, so having health insurance for me is a must. I’m afraid that she has been lying and being unfaithful to me for a number of years. In fact in November of 2013 I received an anonymous letter in the mail telling me that she’s been cheating on me for quite some time. She also has found time to get a new boyfriend recently who was spending time with my son. I was not made aware of this at all and when I confronted her I was told it was none of my business.

 And finally on Friday October 17th, 2014 my wife and I had a minor disagreement about child support. She became very angry and made some very hurtful comments to me in front of my six year old son, mocking me about how “happy” she was with her new jerkoff boyfriend and making a comment about my weight. She then turned her steering wheel towards me and hit me with her car grazing my side and hitting my arm with her side mirror. She then went to the police station and lied about what happened and was granted a temporary restraining order against me, which gave her temporary custody of my son and revoked any rights I had to see him.

I have lost my entire life the past five months. I Currently have a large lawsuit for my interests in my mother’s estate that my mother’s husband is trying to keep for himself. Now I am embroiled in a custody battle for my son with my wife who is a sociopath and will inevitably have to deal with the actual divorce proceeding soon as well. My family has helped me all that they can financially but we are not rich people and I fear I have exhausted all of my resources.

 I need help and don’t know what to do. I need money to pay the lawyers to help me get my son back to me where he belongs and divorce that horrible person that I am married to.

 There is much more to the story but my objective here is to try and raise funds to help me battle through these hard times and keep my head above water, but most of all get back and keep my little boy.

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