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We need your help! Yes you. The one reading this right now.  You were sent to this page for a reason and I need you and so does my little girl. I am a typical mom who loves her child very, very much. Because of that I am willing to risk humiliation and a beating to my pride to put my personal business on display for the world to see. She is worth it. She is worth anything I have to do to keep her safe. I am going to tell you the story as best as I can trying not to disparage anyone or drag anyone through the mud.

My daughter and I moved from TN and have been living apart from my husband for the past year. He has never once attempted to see her. During a divorce process custody and visitation must also be decided. He acquired an attorney; I was unable to do so. Recently, he called me to inform me that he had obtained a court order concerning our daughter and that I had about a a week to deliver her to him or I would be in contempt of court. I was flabbergasted. I did not take him at his word and proceeded to call the state where we had lived together as husband and wife and try to obtain the court order. It took time and persistence but finally they found it. To my shock I found that I was now legally divorced and that a parenting plan and custody had already been established. According to them, I had been served the previous month. How in the world could this be? I had never received or signed for anything! And now I am just supposed to hand over my daughter? I never got to go before a judge to tell my side. I was robbed of this by underhanded tactics. I do not even know who has custody of my sweet three year old. I would have asked for supervised visits for her father. I fear for her safety greatly. Under his care she has gotten a hold of his handgun, he has displayed very agressive behavior on more than one occasion toward me and negligent behavior where she is concerned. And while we all lived under the same roof, he spent little to no time with our daughter. He even encouraged us to move out of state and back to Texas where my family lives. He never once objected. So, I do not understand why suddenly he would take such drastic steps where our daughter is concerned. Needless to say, I need to be able to at least attempt to overturn this ruling but I cannot do it on my own...I need an expert. I do not have the money (as I recently started a new job) and I do not qualify for legal aid. It is going to be expensive just to retain a lawyer and also to have to travel to TN and stay to fight this.  And because this was filed in TN, I need to hire a TN attorney. I have contacted a TN attorney who is willing to take the case. I joked with my friend that maybe I could have a bake sale to raise money. Then I discovered this website. So I am laying it on the line. For my daughter. Please help me. The time is critical. I do not have much time at all. Anything you can give will help.  I do not care if it is $2.00 if that is all you can do. I believe in a God who used a boy's lunch and multiplied it to feed a mulititude. I believe that God is powerful and in control and that He has a way of making a way when there seems to be no way. Thank you in advance.

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