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I Desmond Lloyd Levene, born in Jamaica, WI, at the age of 56, now resides in Toronto, Canada, has laboured for twenty years designing and shaping the screenplay, "The Other Side of Frances." I have tried all the avenue's, walked all ...

I Desmond Lloyd Levene, born in Jamaica, WI, at the age of 56, now resides in Toronto, Canada. I have laboured for twenty years designing and shaping this screenplay, The Other Side of Frances. My immediate intention was to secure ties with an established source to produce the story....As a result, I have tried all the avenue's, walked all the streets and sat in mostly every laneway. Only to be led to the Director, Producer or Investor who fits the funding criteria but uninterested when the discovery is published-I have no money--. Oh yes, interest is shown when they examine my content and its potential. But as time drifts in, they retreatd to whence they came. That is why I'm here charting another course, because the characters I've created deserves to be heard.

Here is the synopsis: 

The Other Side of Frances (film)

By Desmond Levene


Genre:  Drama/Action - with a cultural musical fusion of Hip-Hop/Dancehall

Short Synopsis:  Vilified and forsaken, a young girl embarks on a redemptive journey to regain the one thing that will make her life complete.

Long Synopsis:   The symbolic imagery of a butterfly and the canonical laws of the church stand at the crux of an epic film entitled, The Other Side of Frances.

Born into the family of a noted Jamaican preacher, 14 year old Frances Ayee reflected everything that was good and pure in the world. Her love of life was as virtuous and genuine as the smile which she wore and it was as delicate as the flowers which she held. This innocence - so comforting and true comes to a startling halt when Lloyd, a hard-flavored man forces himself into her life.

Raped and threatened with certainty of death to her family, Frances is thrust into a yarn of confused voices and turbulent measures. Unable to confront her attacker and searching for support from her father, Frances finds herself pitted against the moral code that is the church’s foundry. To Frances and her mother’s dismay, the sanctity of the church wins out. Upon giving birth to her son Julius, she is whisked away to Toronto to live with her estranged Aunt Beverley who guides her through trying times, and post traumatic rape symptoms. Throughout, young Julius is encouraged by Rasta, an American deportee whose realism projects’ good over evil, and a keener understanding of life’s ethics.

While in Toronto, Frances finds purpose and certainty when – handsome, up and coming hip hop star, drug dealer, Darcel Henry exposes her to a world of music, passion, a web of lust and deceit, which eventually leaves her incarcerated and alone. This turn of misfortune is short lived however, as Frances is seemingly resurrected with love, wealth and hope by Oliver Brown. Such hope quickly fades, when she travels back to a world that had all but abandoned her, only to witness the untimely demise of her father. She searches for truth, a way to re-connect with family, and comes face-to-face with the living demon that has tormented her and the one true love that has escaped her…


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A vacation in beautiful Jamaica, accommodation, transportation, on set, all access pass to all areas...Learn how to or contribute your skills to production.
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