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My personal dog Cher has been just as intricate and involved in the rescue and well being of her fellow shelter survivors as I am.
Cher has shared her home, her bed, and her mamma without question. I'm asking for your help for her now

My original post morning of 5/29/14

Last night I noticed a medium size laceration on the outside underneath my dogs arm. I immediately checked the rest of her body, and discovered a very large bruise from her lower abdomen to her buttocks and vaginal area. There was acute swelling last night that has subsided since. She shows no signs of pain or distress. The basic wellbeing assessment checklist of eating, drinking, pooping peeing, gums color, and engergy level etc are all normal. I am completely unsure as to the causes for either injury . I know my dog is clumsy but it's such a large and specifically placed bruise that i can not pin point how she could have gotten it. I am keeping an eye on any changes and at this time I feel it is not necessary to bring her to a vet. I'm posting the photos of her injuries just in case I am missing something, that someone else can recognize from the images. 

Thanks, Mia and Cher

I received a comment suggesting ecchymosis. After researching ecchymosis and other BRUISING disorders I have come to the conclusion that I need to bring her to the vet ASAP to have at least the general tests like a CBC, BLOOD PANEL and diagnostic done.

If you know me .. then I'm sure you know my Cher. I run a non profit animal rescue and have continually used my own money to save, protect, and heal Many animals that without our help would have never had their happy ending. My personal dog Cher has been just as intricate and involved in the rescue and well being of her fellow shelter survivors as I am. 

Cher has shared her home, her bed, and her mamma without question. I'm asking for your help for her now

You can read about how my sweet pit bull Cher has always gone above and beyond to help other rescue dogs in these articles written about her.



A more definitive update on My Cher medical and health

as of June 5th 2014 8pm

We arrived at the vet clinic for our scheduled appointment and they did a CBC blood platelet count test. Cher had, had such a good morning and a lot of the bruises had were fading away ... I I honestly thought the news would be good from there. However her blood platelet count was still non existent. 

We were immediately rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital. Unfortunately it was 11 miles away via the 101 freeway and Los Angeles traffic. I think I cursed no less than 30 times but in a loving voice so not to upset Cher. When we arrived they took Cher back and I basically sat alone with my thoughts for about 3 hours. Eventually I used the restroom and looked in the mirror and thought holy crap.. I had been crying of course and my face proved it. Eyes swollen and mascara running, mess. But , Enough about me. 

they did ultraound, precise cbc with examined blood result pending from pathology , x rays, ummm there was more done but I'm exhausted and don't wanna get the paperwork out again.. I will scan and post all in a bit. 

Totaling $1,225. The results ... good ... no masses, no liver or spleen issues, umm and no something else.. we're are dealing with an autoimmune disorder with a no response to prednisone issue. There could still be a underlying marrow issue but it was less likely and the test requires Anastasia so I did have that run. 

She has a %75 survival prognosis and needs a cbc blood test run every 24-48 hours until we can raise the platelet level. I am to check her entire body for bleeding bruising or changes every hour.. EVERY HOUR. Because we are now very aggressively treating her with steroids the doctor flat out said .. think of her as a China doll.. she is not to jump , go out side for more ten 10 mins at a time and not with out a leash , if I leave a room she must be created. Basically she is to not do anything like normal. because we r completely suppressing her immune system with very strong drugs to raise the platelets , even the slightly bump could cause internal damage, bleeding and death.. have u met Cher? This is going to be hard.. she's clumsy and gets excited about everything. The next two weeks are critical and basically I won't be able to do anything but look after her.. I'm going to Document every thing that has happened and does from this point in a blog to hopefully help other people who have pets dealing with this and similar conditions.. if it wasn't for the info I read in message boards and forums I wouldn't have known what to do and even that she was sick. Thank you for all your support and we'll wishes, and keep em coming ... my baby is counting on some good energy to help her in these difficult times ahead

Please help by donating to PayPal. Email

My rescue also has a youcaring account if you prefer. Just make sure to write Cher in the notes.

Or if you pledge to donate directly to the vet OR mail a check .. 

Please let me know and I'll send u the info to do so. 

My cell phone number is 818-220-0353

Email address is



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