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Help Holly and Johnny they need both parents!
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I want to look through my eyes and this is my story.

Both of Holly and Johnny are typically well behaved. They use their manners 98.9% of the time and they’ve never stolen from the treasure box

I want to look through my eyes and this is my story.

Both of Holly and Johnny are typically well behaved. They use their manners 98.9% of the time and they’ve never stolen from the treasure box at school or set fire to anything of importance.

I am the orignal stay at home parent. I had been in a non-preventative car accident before our children were born found out in my recovery that I have 5 broken vertebra in my spine slowly squeezing my spinal cord. I lost control over my body.

I am thankful that the insurance, doctors, medical staff who helped assist our family during this long road back to somewhat normal life.

I had been on a series of trial and error prescription drug, under doctors trusted care. The negative side effects and reactions were horrible. The benefits nominal. I managed though support and care to be free and clean of any prescription drugs. I am feeling more normal. Thankfully during my recovery I am still I am blessed with two beautiful children who I care about very much.

Both, Holly and Johnny are two halves of a whole and intertwined with both their mother and I. I am not looking to take that away from their mother who is hardworking. I am separated since 2009. I need to go to family court.

I am the original primary Caregiver (2001- 2009) to my two young children. I realized meeting them at birth Holly 2001 and later our son Johnny that give me a brand new purpose to be a better person.

I make mistakes. I’m completely aware that I make mistakes. I don’t need other parents telling me what mistakes I make, because I already know. You don’t need me telling you what mistakes you make, either, you probably make some.

I have correct the habits with support and encouragement understanding and self-awareness. I can only hope that this doesn’t completely ruin my beautiful smart children and make them future foul-mouthed inmates.

I don't abuse our kids, physically or emotionally, it takes a lot to find myself yelling when I have reached boiling point, yep guilty as charged. I can only hope that this doesn’t completely ruin Holly and Johnny and make them future guests on Judge Judy.

Some days, I am absolutely convinced that I’ve failed as a Dad. I didn’t pack my children’s lunchboxes with the right sandwich. I didn’t react too swiftly when my son decided grapejuice looks better on the carpet.

I didn’t really listen to my daughter’s story because I was busy replying “lol” to a text that didn’t even really cause me to ”lol”. I totally screwed up the whole parenting thing today.

And yet when I am limited able to see them, my son will voluntarily leave his Legos on the floor, where I can step on them in the dark, crawl onto the couch and kiss my cheek. My daughter will sneak up and hug me while I’m cooking dinner and tell me that she loves me. I make lots of mistakes; our children know that they have a Dad who loves them more than anything in his flaw-laden life.

I can only hope that the unconditional love that I have in these beautiful children will keep them on the right path and make up for my countless mistakes. I am bound to make. I do my best.

Holly and Johnny are in a challenging time. Holly and Johnny want more time with Dad. I am going to self-represent in Family court for the more time. Please help raise money for David and his family who have been struggling to keep up financially with legal fees and expenses to change his custody and access.

I am on a low income that pays child support, rent, food, and other bills leaving me with virtually nothing extra to go back to court to change an agreement that is not working.

I need $5000. goal to pay for fees and the extra costs involved that my low income will not provide. The fees are necessities that are needed to present a fair outcome in family court.

I need help for filing and evidence in triplicate among other fees involved in the process. I am involved with Holly and Johnny other ways through school and moved back into the community area where Holly and Johnny feel secure and safe. Sometimes there is nothing like coming home to a Parent.

Holly and Johnny need all the help they can get! Please anything helps!! Thank you so much!!

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