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Baby Azella, born 14 weeks early via emergency C-Section, and weighing only 1 lb 10 oz, is hospitalized almost 200 miles away from her home. Help raise money to help her family travel to be with her.

Baby Azella, born 14 weeks early via emergency C-Section, and weighing only 1 lb 10 oz, is hospitalized almost 200 miles away from her home. Help raise money to help her mommy and daddy travel to be with her.

Just a little more than 48 hours after having an emergency c-section to deliver her 1 lb 10 oz baby, I was able to speak with my cousin over the phone. She filled me in on some details like when, where and what had happened, and quickly had to go so she could visit her daugher in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU.) But before we said goodbye, she said one last thing that wretched my heart.. she was worried about finding a job in Denver (where baby Azella is hospitalized) to pay her bills. Like most young couples, mom and dad have rent, insurance and utilities to worry about and live paycheck to paycheck. But now that they've travelled from home to be with baby Azella in Denver, they're not working at their jobs, but the bills are still due, groceries still needed, and gas to get to the hospital everyday adds costs that are already adding up.

And I am sure we all know how that feels to have pressure applied to our already thin budgets, BUT, and that's a big BUT, money should be of no concern to a young mommy who's very special, tiny baby is fighting to develop and survive. My wish is that both mom and dad should be available 24 hours a day to baby Azella. When you're in the NICU, you have to schedule time for contact, feeding, diapering, doctor visits, etc meaning you want to be flexible to those opportunities.
When our little preemie baby was in NICU, I can tell you that we feared leaving to even use the bathroom or eat, worrying we might miss our time with baby. And when you're worried about recovering from a c-section (which takes about 4 days, mom should still be in bed, but signed a waiver to be with baby instead) stressed about how baby is doing, about where you'll sleep and what you'll eat and if your body will make enough milk for baby to be nourished (with baby being 14 weeks early and mom having had a C-section, the body does not always recognize the need to lactate.. making milk is harder than you might think) with all those major and immediate concerns colliding on you all at once you shouldn't have to stress about finances.
So, that's why I set up this fund. So that baby Azella could benefit from more time with mom and dad. So that mom and dad could worry only about her, and not about how to survive. If they need fresh groceries, I want them to be able to buy some. If they need gas to get to the hospital, I want them to be able to fill the tank. If they left their toothbrushes back home, I want them to have to ability to go to the drugstore and get what personal items they may need. So if you can, PLEASE donate. Even if it's just enough for some healthy snacks, or a little piece of mind, it helps. If it's enough to help with rent so they dont loose their home, that's amazing! No matter how much, your generosity is most appreciated, as well as your prayers and words of encouragement.
So I beg you please consider donating, writing encouraging and uplifting messages on their page, sharing this link with everyone you know, and praying that baby, mommy and daddy are all well, and have everything they need to get through this rough, rough time. Thank you~ Cousin Morgan

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