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It's been 3 weeks since I hurt my back. My back is still sore and my mom told me that I cannot play like I used to. I can walk again but sometimes my back legs do not work right and I fall. I have a progressive spine condition and I need your help....
Hello. I want to thank you in advance for reading my story. I was born in March of 2010. When I was just a puppy, my first owner was not nice to me then dumped me in a field. From there, I was taken to a shelter in Santa Rosa and lived in a cage there until one hot day in July, when this couple came to adopt a dog. The couple came to the shelter to adopt a three legged dog named Milo. When they arrived, they were informed that Milo's foster mom decided to adopt him. That was great news for Milo! The couple went ahead and looked around after finding out about Milo. There was a couple litters of puppies at the shelter that were very cute. At this time, the shelter was beyond full and this weekend was a special adopt-a-thon weekend. The man looked at a few of the puppies and held a couple, all of which were very cute. I was alone in my cage wondering why no one stopped to see me. I was a puppy too after all. Then something happened. The lady stopped and looked at me. She put her fingers through the gate and I decided this was my big chance. I got up and wagged my tail so much that she had no choice but to ask to hold me. I kissed her. Then the man came over to her. I wagged my tail again. She gave me to him to hold. I was so excited that I was out my cage and someone was holding me that I peed a little! I thought, on no, they will never want me know. Then I saw the lady laughing uncontrollably. Luckily not much came out and it was only on his arm. She was still laughing and now he was too. That's how it all began for me.

The couple adopted me and took me to Russian River Brewery. I got to sit on her lap! I was so happy! That was where they gave me my new name, Olivet Johnson. I was named after a road close to there called Olivet Lane. We stopped a couple times on the way home to play in the grass. When we got home, they gave me my first bed and toys! How could this be? I've never had my own toys or bed. About two weeks later, we all got into the packed car and went on a journey. We went all the way to Wyoming! We stopped a lot along the way so I could stretch my legs and play. When we got to Colorado, we checked into a hotel where I got to see myself in a mirror for the first time! We went to a place called Good Times. They had a special frozen custard with peanut butter and a milk bone on top! This was the best day ever! Later that night, I met Bella. My new mom is friends with Bella's mom.She let me play with her toys too! The next day, we made our way to Wyoming to my Grandma's house. There was another dog there to play with, and a pool! I had so much fun! About a week later, we packed the car backed up and drove home. I had only been with my new parents a month and already did so much! I could tell they love me and I love them.

As the days went by my new mom and dad took me everywhere. We went to Seabright beach a lot and the dog park every day! I met my best friend Penny there. She's the best. One day, I met a boy named Milo. Milo was very shy of people but not me. All of us loved to play at the dog park. Some days I'd play with Tesha, Pirate, Sugar, Milo and Penny! It was so much fun. I loved playing on the beach so much that my new parents decided to move closer to one. That's when we moved to Half Moon Bay. It was so great! We went on a walk to the beach every day, sometimes staying at the beach for hours! It is my favorite place to be, next to cuddling on the couch.

At the end of March last year, my parents decided to get me a friend. They brought me to the S.F. S.P.C.A. to meet her. I was a little worried at first because this reminded me a lot of where I lived before I went home with them. After meeting the puppy, we played a little then we all got in the car and went home. The puppy was fun but I got tired fast. Was I like this as a little puppy? Man, where does she get all that energy? On the way home, we stopped at my favorite place. Surfer's Beach! The puppy could not figure out how to walk on the beach. I tried to show her but I think the sand felt too weird to her. It was pretty funny actually. My mom and I went down and I got to run around. The new puppy just sat there. Later we went home and guess what? I didn't have to share my bed! They got one for her too! It was nice to have a new P.I.C. That's "Partner In Crime" if you don't know already.

We continued to to go the beach all the time as a family. My dad would take us to the dog park for a while during the day when my mom was working. In the afternoon when my dad went to work, my mom would take us to the beach. We were the busiest dogs. All of our friends were jealous at how much we were able to spend playing at the dog park and the beach. We went on a few vacations too! And last summer my parents took both of us to see Grandma again. We stayed about a week and a half this time! On the way home, we stopped for a night in Rock Springs. The next day, we went to the Rock Springs Dog Park. It was awesome! They even had a lake for Sonoma to jump in! I didn't want to go all the way in so I dipped my toes at the edge. I played with a bunch of dogs and Sonoma did too!

My life changed again on February 16, 2013. I was at the dog park, and ran to the gate to greet my friends. I always do this but something happened this time. All of a sudden, my back hurt and my back legs gave out. I let out a loud cry and my dad came running over. He knew something was wrong so we went home. Shortly after my mom and dad took me to the Veterinarian. It didn't look good and I was afraid. My mom was trying not to cry but kept wiping tears away. My dad looked worried. We went into a room and the doctor came in. He examined me and told my mom and dad that he wanted to keep me there overnight so I could have an IV, get X-Rays and start medicine. The doctor did the X-Rays and it didn't look good for me. He said that a disk, maybe two have slipped out of place and are bulging in my back. He told them that he was worried I would suffer a catastrophic event where my disk would enter into my spine and I would need emergency surgery, become paralyzed or die. He said that on top of the disk issue, I am suffering neurological issues too. He also said that if it happens again, it will be a catastrophic event. My mom started to cry and the tears fell on my head. I tried to kiss her and comfort her but she still cried. My parents checked me into the hospital and tucked me into my bed for the night. The Vet gave me an IV with stomach medicine, pain medicine and a steroid. I thought I was going home the next day, but the Vet thought it would be better if I stayed another 24 hours so I could stay on the medicine and IV easier so I did. My mom and dad came to pick me up Monday night. I was so happy to see them! They talked to the Vet for a while and they both had a worried face. When we went home, my mom started crying again.

It's been just over two weeks since I've been home and I have seen the Vet in town twice! My back is still sore and my mom told me that I cannot play like I used to. I can walk again but sometimes my back legs do not work right and I fall. I cannot jump, spin or even go to the beach because of my back injury. I need to have the surgery so I can get back to being a regular dog but the surgery is really expensive. My parents are cutting everything possible to save money and selling what they do not need. The Vet said that right now, I am a ticking time bomb. I am trying so hard to be calm and mellow but I very much miss my old life. I miss the beach so much and running around with Sonoma. I miss our family hikes up the hill and down to the beach at Mavericks! My parents have to carry me down the stairs now. I love them but I miss my Independence. I want to be the dog I was and run and play with all of my friends again.

Please me by helping my parents raise enough money so I can have the operation to the damaged disks so they do not explode into the spinal canal. I am not going to give up this fight and neither are my parents. Anything and everything will help get us to our goal. I know I have a long road of recovery ahead of me but I am a fighter. I have a supportive family who loves me and that's what counts. Together, with your help and my families' support, I will be able to walk, run and play at the beach with my sister again.

With Love,

Olivet, Sonoma, Jeremy and Jessica Johnson
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