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Living Archaeology Weekend (LAW) is Kentucky’s longest-running archaeology education event and the cornerstone of Kentucky Archaeology Month. Held deep in Eastern Kentucky’s historic Red River Gorge, this FREE event serves nearly 2,600 students and members of the public each year. Our event emphasizes the complementary nature of Native American and pioneer technologies and lifeways, illuminating the similar needs of different cultures. It also highlights archaeological interpretation and site preservation issues. Through LAW, underserved Eastern Kentucky students learn more about their ancestors’ struggles and adaptations, and their contributions to contemporary society. They gain a sense of pride in their Appalachian heritage.

Students scrape a deerskin with stone tools at the hide tanning demonstration. This kind of hands-on learning is a focus for many of the LAW technology demonstrations.

Students scrape a deerskin with stone tools at the hide tanning demonstration. This kind of hands-on learning is a focus for many of the LAW technology demonstrations.

About LAW

LAW began as a small event in 1989. By educating the public about America’s fragile archaeological heritage, organizers took action to combat looting. They wanted to show the public first-hand all the amazing knowledge about our cultural heritage being destroyed by illegal digging. Since those first years, LAW has been transformed into a comprehensive program, consisting of an annual 2-day event and a variety of educational materials that can be accessed online year-round.

Ironically, artifacts recovered from archaeological sites, though present at the event, are not LAW’s focus. Instead, past technologies are presented primarily through replicas and reproductions made and exhibited by the demonstrators. LAW’s demonstrators include archaeologists, primitive technology specialists, and American Indian tribal members (adults and youth), leaders, and artists. American Indian demonstrators bring Native perspectives and voices to LAW. Their contributions are essential to dispelling common public misconceptions and stereotypes about American Indian heritage and culture today. Other demonstrators also convey the stories of Euro-Americans, African-Americans, and other frontier period pioneers.

Visitors enjoy an early Living Archaeology Weekend, held for many years in a rockshelter.Visitors enjoy an early Living Archaeology Weekend, held for many years in a rockshelter.


PLEASE help us continue this invaluable educational event

LAW is an award-winning archaeology education event that depends on many people for its success. A handful of dedicated professionals plan and organize it. Talented artists and technology demonstrators devoted to sharing their knowledge about the resourcefulness of past peoples are the heart of it. A host of volunteers and sponsors generously give their time and money.

For 29 years, LAW has survived on donations and grants. This year, the event is in jeopardy. That’s why we are reaching out to you. Without new sources of support, LAW will not happen on its 30th year, nor into the future.


Donate now and help support the student experience in eastern Kentucky


  • Our short-term goal is to host LAW for its 30th year of educating an underserved student population.
  • Our long-term goal is to host many LAW events to come, and to continue building the curriculum and teaching component of our program for a wider audience.


  • It takes over $130,000 in grants, other monetary contributions, and especially in-kind donations to run LAW each year. This year, we need to raise $20,000 to host LAW 2018 - our 30th Living Archaeology Weekend Event.

Annual costs include:

  • Demonstrator stipends for 21 demonstrators: $10,500
  • Accommodation for 3 nights for all demonstrators: $4,100
  • Port-a-johns: $600
  • Emergency Medical Services on-site support: $400
  • Materials for hands-on demonstrations: $2,200
  • Curriculum materials for attending schools: $2,000
  • Student Essay Contest Winner (classroom party and awards): $200


Tax Information: LAW is a program of the Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists (KyOPA), and as such, contributions to LAW through KyOPA [a 509(a)(2) tax-exempt public charity] are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law for a public charity. Upon donation to LAW, you will receive an automatic tax receipt.



Donations also can be accepted by check. Please make checks payable to the Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists (KyOPA) and write LAW 2018 on the memo line. Tax receipts will be provided by mail.

Living Archaeology Weekend

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