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This is the second Fundrazr to help this family.  For detailed story on this family, please keep reading.  The estimate on Medical Expenses the family owes is about 70,000 dollars.  They are also having trouble meeting daily living expenses.  Please help this family!!  

I am starting this fund raiser to help two of my dearest friends. I have known Rena and David for about 15 years now, and they need financial help. David and Rena have built a life filled with helping others. They have never shut their door to anyone in need. Over the years many people having a hard time have moved and and out of their home. Rena has worked in social services fields all of her professional career. She is an inspiration to anyone who knows her. Quite litterally, this woman has no end to her generosity and love.

David and Rena have raised four girls and are now proud grandparents. They have taken children in need of homes and never asked for a dime for help. I can't tell you how many times these two people have helped me personally anytime I've needed it and I know I am but one among hundreds. They truly live a Godly life.

They are a young couple in their 40's and are truly they happiest married couple I've ever met. One doesn't say one name without the other. They are RenaandDavid.

David's health is declining and the expenses over the years have piled up with David looking at another very serious surgery in the future, Heaven willing. David has not been well enough to have a job to assit financially with daily household expenses and for the last 10 years, all income has been on Rena's shoulders. She has born this burden while raising children with no complaint and with as little help from the state as she can. David is no lazy bones. Before his ilness, he worked very hard while going to college to better himself and he would still be working very hard today if his body would let him.

I would not have started this fund raiser to help them, if I didn't know without a doubt that these are two people who deserve help. The below description was written by Rene and sums up David's medical problems. If you have it to give, I ask that you please give it, and know that it is going to two loving and giving people who need it desperately.

Below was written by Rena describing David's medical issues:

About 10 years ago David had a virus that attacked and seriously weakend his heart. At the time , the doctor told him to "get his affairs in order" and gave him a prognosis of no more than 5 years to live. So many prayers have been answered since then and he had continued to exceed the doctors original prognosis. So much so, that his Social Security benefits were stopped and he was able to return to work. That was in March 2012. By December 2012, his heath began to deteriorate and he was hospitalized again. He has been unable to return to work and we have been in the process of an appeal for quite sometime. Anyone who has ever dealt with this process, knows it can be a very long wait. In the meantime, David continues to get worse. He is currently being evaluated as a candidate for a possible heart transplant.  

Unfortunately, the more stressed he gets, the faster his health is declining. Those of you who know David well, know he rarely lets anything get him down. However, this process has become a living nightmare for him. He is finding it more difficult to remain positive and his depressive episodes are getting longer and longer. With his heart not processing as it should, his liver has begun to die, his spleen is not able to make up for the failing liver and becomes enlarged and painful. His veins throughout his body are taking on too much pressure, and they are bursting. Mostly this is occurring in his stomach, and he is bleeding quite a bit. He has had to have blood transfusions several times and is currently in the hospital because of the most recent bleed. Normally, his GI doctor can go in and "burn" the affected veins (normally multiples at a time). This time, the bleed is in a spot she cannot get to. He has been more lethargic, tired, and ill over the past 5 or 6 months and is not healing well (which is the reason for the transplant). We have many appointments in Jacksonville at the Mayo Clinic.  Every time we make the drive in gas alone it costs 210 dollars.  We make this trip every month.  We also have to have food, hotel, and deductibles. We have completed paperwork for grants/assistance to help cover what our insurance does not.

We know the only way any of this is going to happen is through the Grace of God. I am asking for prayer for miraculous healing first and foremost. If that is not in God's will, then secondly, wisdom, understanding, and ability for the medical professionals handling this. Third, the people handling the paperwork for social security and the grants, do so with a quickness, and that both are approved. Also, our family needs prayers for peace, tranquility, understanding, and joy.

I know everything happens in God's time and in God's way. We have been praying, but I believe, God wants us to reach out to others so they can witness when He answers. Please keep us in your prayers. I will update as I can, and thank you all.

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