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Hello All- for the last 25 years my Aunt Barb has given her heart and soul to animal rescue. In 1991 she started an organization called Pet Adoption League on her property in Yukon, PA where she took in homeless animals, gave them the care and ... More ...

Hello All- for the last 25 years my Aunt Barb has given her heart and soul to animal rescue. In 1991 she started an organization called Pet Adoption League on her property in Yukon, PA where she took in homeless animals, gave them the care and love they needed and then adopted them into loving forever homes. This is a 501 nonprofit, no kill shelter.


Over the past twenty plus years that organization has grown into a full scale operation, it got so large that a board was put into place and a nonprofit was formed. Since it was a nonprofit and it was on my Aunts land a "lease" for lack of a better word, was formed that would lease the land that the buildings are on to the PAL organization for 99 years at $1.00 per year and that PAL would pay the unities for the whole property. Two beautiful building were built with the PAL Organizations money, the new dog kennel with runs and Cat Harbor, the most beautiful cat home you have ever seen, but these buildings were designed and built single handily by my Aunts Husband Tom. Tom actually died working on this, he was shoveling gravel around the new cat building when he had a massive heart attack and died. By the way he never received a penny for his work; he did it as a labor of love. My Aunt also never received a salary for her work, until Tom passed and she could no longer make it on social security alone, so she requested a salary that she received for 1 year until she was fired from the organization she worked so hard to build. PAL has gotten so popular that through donations and pet adoption fees they have almost $100,000.00 sitting in the bank as well as storage until full of animal food and supplies.


Two years ago in November, just after the loss of my Aunts husband, my Aunt was ousted by the board over money and power by someone who has long harbored hate toward my Aunt Barb. Again I tell you this shelter was and is my Aunts Life, so since the shelter is right in front of my aunt’s house she was still seeing everything that went on there. She began to see the way the new board members were caring for the shelter and animals and… was it was bad, there was dog and cat poop everywhere, there were sinks and bathing tubs so clogged that they were not usable, dirty laundry piles everywhere, runs with water bowls that were frozen. So my Aunt started bugging the board about it and documenting it. Well the folks at PAL did not like that so they began to vacate the building; they put most of their animals in foster homes, put left a bunch at the shelter. They also choose not to pay the unities, so as a result most of these dogs left behind had to spend time alone in a cold empty shelter, but Aunt Barb was not having that either, so she spent all she had to get propane during the arctic blast period so the dog’s would be warm. She made sure they had water that was not frozen and she cleaned up after the animals so they were not sitting in they own waste.




After they ousted her, they trashed my Aunts office, breaking all her personal items and ripping a photo of Tom off the wall and actually threw it in the trash. They have been horrible to my Aunt telling her that they would see her “broke and homeless soon”, now they are trying to take my Aunts home. They have had their lawyers file some sort of injunction that does not allow Aunt Barb inside the kennels on her own property. There is a hearing on Monday March 10th, 2013 to see who gets what, but my aunt is on social security and has no money for lawyer fees. During the ice storm Aunt Barb was unable to get her van up the drive so she left several bi bags of dog food she had just purchased for her dogs in the shelter entrance; well they took them, so now my Aunt has to beg people just to feed her dog.

I know these are hard times for everyone, but please give whatever you can to help with this, if we do not help, the little person who cares will lose everything including her home, while the people who don’t care win out again because they have money.


Please give what you can to help us fight the legal battle and save her shelter.

Thank you all- Kate Shiprak

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