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This is a campaign to help the one woman that we all know and love for being one of the most kind hearted, generous people that there is. She has dedicated her life to not only helping mold and shape many children throughout theirs and her life, ...

This is a campaign to help the one woman that we all know and love for being one of the most kind hearted, generous people that there is. She has dedicated her life to not only helping mold and shape many children throughout theirs and her life, she would do anything for anyone. Laura is always looking for the opportunity to make a basket, donate from her own pocket or even play the role of an “elf” at Christmas time. It is very few and far in between that any of you will meet someone like Laura, which is sad but also a blessing to know that you at least have her in your life. Some of you might know her from her childhood and teen years where she was raised in Ferguson, MO by her parents Ron and Doris Finney. Along with her older sister, Rhonda Tarrant and younger brother, Ron Finney. Others might remember Laura from her days as a manager at Discovery Zone, or you might even know her as the ONE person that we have entrusted with our child (ren) lives. Laura truly has a heart of gold and she needs all of us to come together and do whatever it is possible to help ensure that this obstacle not ruin her life. Because unfortunately it does happen to people when they do not have medical coverage. And sadly she is one of those. Given her sole income as a home daycare provider does not allow her the expendable income to afford such a luxury as Health Insurance. Although it is disheartening there are many people like this. I know that most of us that will see this are struggling to make our everyday ends meet as well but that doesn’t mean if you cannot monetarily contribute, that you cannot be a part of helping Laura Finney through this. I hope that you all will pass this on and continue to say all the prayers possible for her, because Laura deserves it! I will continue with the details of what has led up to where we are at this current moment and why she needs any and all donations whether big or small, it all counts… Laura is currently in the ICU at Barnes hospital. She had to have surgery Friday to remove what was lodged in her esophagus. After getting to the Christian NW Emergency Room, they did a series of x-rays and naturally they could not see anything, because what was lodged in her esophagus was meat. And naturally that wouldn’t show up. She was then transported to Christian NE, where an ENT was waiting for her. She underwent a scope procedure to remove the blockage; they kept her overnight at Christian NE and were brought to her parent’s house Saturday after noon. She was having horrible back pains from the time she was dropped off there. By 8pm she asked to go back to the emergency room at Christian NE, where the first surgery took place. After arriving back at the ER, she was in so much pain she couldn't sit or stand, so they gave her 3 different pain meds and nothing helped take pain away. But enough had been administered to be able to get a CT scan done. On her way back from CT, her heart rate jumped to 168 and she started gurgling causing her to struggle to breather. They immediately intubated her and the CT scan showed a hole in her esophagus. Laura had to be transported by ambulance to Barnes Jewish for yet another surgery. Fluid and blood had leaked in to her chest cavity and caused an infection and also fluid leaked into her right lung causing pneumonia too. This led to them having to put in a chest tube to drain any and all fluids from her chest and lungs, and also put a feeding tube in place. After the second surgery she was placed in the ICU at Barnes where she began to run a fever of 101.3. They tried to slowly wake her from the drug induced coma that afternoon in hopes that by doing so, they could remove the breathing tube and have her breathing on her own again. After two failed attempts, they decided to keep her sedated through the night again on Saturday. She will have to remain on the feeding tube for weeks after even being allowed to come home and continue to have 24 hour care until she returns to full strength. At 6:20am today they were able to remove her breathing tube, although she's still in a lot of pain, she is breathing on her own!!! Around 9 am she actually got out of her bed and walked a lap around the ICU!!! Which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who knows her; Laura is a strong woman and will do anything it takes to get back to her “normal” life. We are hoping to have her put into a regular room in the next day or so. She will have to undergo another scope procedure in the next couple of days though to ensure that what they did on Sunday morning is doing exactly what it should be. Time will only tell in this situation, but please keep sending all the prayers and love you can her way because she would do it for any one of you. I would like to personally thank everyone for everything thus far, and I know her family feels the same. So again, thank you!!!

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