Gumbo's New Year Started With No Family and Being Paralyzed
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We told the essentially the same story 11 times in 2020 and now, not even one week in, we have our first IVDD Case of 2021....Meet Gumbo.

We wish we had a different story to tell, a different spin to make it any easier to wrap our heads around, but it is the same story we have seen play out over and over again - a paralyzed "stray" found on the streets (cause there are so many paralyzed dogs roaming the streets....) and brought into the shelter by the person who "found him."

We all know the chances a down dog is going to get out of the shelter.  Zero.  Rescue is the only way out.  There is only one rescue in South Florida that will take down doxies.  That would be us.  It was DRSF or Gumbo would be euthanized. 

To us, there was only one option. We placed our hold, his freedom ride was en route and Gumbo was a DRSF dog and on his way to Southeast Veterinary Neurology for an MRI and hopefully surgery thereafter. 

We have said it before and we will say it again. We would rather run the ship aground by doing the right thing than let our safety net not be there for a little one in need.

Do we have another IVDD surgery in us?  Gumbo hopes we do as he had nobody to come for him but us and we are his only chance.  Will you help us work our first IVDD miracle of 2021? 




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