Sunshine Will Die Without Surgery
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A message came through our Facebook messages late last night that there was a dachshund puppy who had been left at a vet clinic in Miami when her owners were unable to provide the care she needed. The message sender was a veterinarian who performs ultrasounds and she had been at the clinic and a conversation happened about the pretty little girl. She “took a look” with her ultrasound and found a liver shunt, the operable kind. She reached out to us and we assured her that we would be there in the AM to get her. 

This morning, President Pam headed south to pick up the little girl. The staff at the clinic were all thrilled that she was safe and was going to get the care she needs. Back in the Pambulance, the singing of “You Are My Sunshine” ensued along with some snuggles and kisses. So the tiny, sick puppy was named Sunshine and north to LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital they went. 
Sunshine was met by Dr. Spahn and a catheter was quickly placed in. She will be on fluids, Dr. Marin (board certified surgeon) has already been consulted, she will be given meds and lots of love. Once she is a bit more stable, she will need a CT and surgery to repair the shunt in her liver (a blood vessel that bypasses the liver so that the blood doesn’t get cleaned as it is supposed to). 
We aren’t sure where the scars on her little face came from, but she’s just got better days ahead now and we need your help to make that possible.  Would you consider a donation of any size to help give Sunshine the chance she needs?


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