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We are a student-led group in Thailand which endeavors to make an impact in the local animal population by vaccinating, deworming, and sterilizing street and temple animals. Our programs promote generosity and kindness by the students towards others.

Street dogs in Thailand:


I wish I could reach through this page, take you by the hand, and bring you to the site of newly dumped street puppies. If you close your eyes hard enough, can you imagine them? Their warm breath, their excited tail wags, their eager licks and kisses? I encourage you to spend a few minutes with them!


But do you know what happens after you walk away from them?


Unfortunately, I know the answer to that question. As the Co-Founder of Care for Dogs and current member of Hand 2 Paw, I know that most of those puppies will not live to see their one-year birthday. A few of them will get struck and killed by cars. Some of them will die of parvo or distemper virus. And the rest will likely be poisoned.


Every female dog is capable of having two litters a year. Each litter can bring about 6-8 puppies. Each female puppy can start having their own litter at 6 months of age. I won’t ask you to do the maths to figure out how many dogs that would be within six years, but I can tell you that this cycle is unsustainable. It is unsustainable to have dogs who without human intervention and care, are often unwell, malnourished, rummage through garbage, fight amongst each other for food, mate, and because they’ve been harmed, are aggressive.


This never-ending cycle of dog neglect is unsustainable. It was also the conclusion made by Prem Tinsulanonda International school students after undertaking a study of the street dog situation in Thailand more than seven years ago.


Lynda Rolph, Head of Community at Traidhos, excitedly recounts the process that took place at that time. She remembers students using the Compass of Sustainability to look at the effect of stray dogs on the community and thinking critically from the viewpoint of wellness, including the fear of being bitten by a stray dog, the impact of stray dogs on the natural environment, and disease entering water sources. Students also examined the affect of Thai culture and society, such as dogs being regularly dumped at temples and the need to educate the public about caring for dogs. In addition, they discussed the strain of excessive dog numbers on the economy; and the work and cost involved in sterilizing and vaccinating dogs compared to the cost of no-action, such as overpopulation, ill-health, and road accidents because of dogs.


Out of this reflection, Joy Huss, Sandy Clyburn and a group of Prem students decided that instead of waiting for someone else to come and change the situation they would take the initiative and start Hand 2 Paw with a focus on sterilizing, vaccinating, and helping find forever-homes for street dogs in Mae Rim.


Sterilization is the only sustainable way to help reduce the street dog population.


Some governments have resorted to culling, or mass killing, in order to reduce street dog populations, but these techniques almost always result in population booms eventually. In contrast, consistent sterilization programs work to effectively reduce the stray dog population.


To this day, Hand 2 Paw has fundraised and successfully coordinated over a hundred sterilizations, vaccinations, and adoptions of abandoned puppies - just like the furry friends I mentioned when I began this story.


This is what can happen when one person, or in this case a group of people, decide not to walk away. This is what happens when we acknowledge that though we are not directly responsible for the problem, we can be responsible for the solution. You too can help, but I would strongly advise a direct donation to an organization whose main focus is sterilization.


A long time ago, humans brought wolves into their home to protect property. We transformed wolves into dogs and made them dependent on our care and affection. Therefore don’t we have a responsibility to these animals to hold up our part of the bargain? Wolves and dogs have for many centuries, protected and watched over us. Now it’s our turn to protect and watch over them!

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