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EMERGENCY FUNDS: Acts of Love goes to India!
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Acts of Love has fallen short of its fundraising goal for this year's December trip to India! Your donations will go to early childhood education for children who would otherwise have no access to it and to alleviate poverty in villages across India. Please help. Acts of Love is only what you and other supporters make it. 


Acts of Love is a family, community, a network, an organization, a group of people connected to each other across the world that believe in one simple principle. That one act of love, big or small, together with many acts of love, can change the world. Born from the travels of a woman who believed she could change the world with love, and then…did.

The world we exist in today is out of balance. While few prosper, many struggle, all over. The world we exist in today is an individualistic world. We are not taught to take care of each other, to share our wealth and our self. The world we live in today sees the lives of people in India, brown people, as less important, sees the lives of women as even less important than that. It is this world that creates poverty, violence, division and pain.

In a world like this what can we do? Children are growing up without the skills to survive in, let alone change this world. Women are being neglected and abused without justice and without tools to fight back. In a world like this what can we possible do?

We love. We hold each other up. We help each other achieve safety. We shelter each others children. We send money and school supplies to brown girls and brown women. We redistribute what wealth we have been given. We change the balance of rich and poor, safe and unsafe, from the ground up. We act out our love.

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