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My Mom is Michelle McClurg & I'm her 16yr Old Son Travis McClurg Trying To Do A Fundraiser For My Mom. She has now had 11 surgeries since March 2014. My mom has had Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, Lumps in her knee that had to be removed & a Lump in her Stomach which has caused many other health issues. She still has lumps in her jaw, cheek, left side behind her ribs, one in her left nostril, she has lumps going all down her esophagus, throat, tonsils, back of her tongue & on each side. ( they believe that's why she has a new large mass in her stomach now) My mother now has Gastroparesis which is very rare & very painful there is not a lot of information about it & there is no cure! My Mom had to have a special test where they had her eat One microwaved scrambled egg with radiation on it then they put her in a radiation machine that followed the dye that's on the scrambled egg. She was in there for six hours then they gave her a two hour break then they put her back in the machine for another two hours. The results were that after eight hours of being in the machine & a two hour break only 8% of that ONE scrambled egg digested which means my mom's GI Track is paralyzed /shut down from her esophagus to her anus. She lost 60lbs in one month & they told her that there was nothing more that they were able to do for her. That wasn't good enough for my mom so she called every doctor she ever met, saw or talked too & even other doctors that knew other doctors tried to come with ideas to help my mom due to how severe she is, there were little to no options left for her. They came up with a G & J Tube that the hoses comes out of her left side of her stomach it's NOT a Feeding Tube. The J Tube is located on the left side of her near her Pancreas going into the intestine that puts the nutrients in & flushes with water every two hours. It gets clogged a lot & we have had many problems with both hoses that are available the two company's should get together & take the good parts from the one & the good parts from the other due to neither of them work that great. The G tube hose is connected to her esophagus with a "tree connector" that's what connects the J Tube & cavity that's connected to a bag where all the bio, skin, blood, any clear liquid she drinks to wet her mouth to keep it moist & any ice cream she may sneak in once at night cause it can go down the hose but even that has made her throw up & that's not something you see everyday due to anything she throws up is what is in the waste bag cause she doesn't eat or drink. She started getting sick again here & there almost a month ago but we've learned how to quickly get the nausea taken care of at times it works & sometimes it don't. They only give you one waste bag once a month so I have to clean it & trust me, who ever came up with that rule at the insurance company if they came here & emptied the waste bag ONCE they would give you a lot more. We have had bags break, get leaks in the weirdest places, my mom passes out a lot & there are times she has almost pulled the hose right out of her stomach. Her memory has gotten really bad to the point she doesn't remember watching a movie, talking in a conversation or even sometimes she has even forgotten the whole day. She has had lumps appear on her her head but hasn't fallen & has done nothing to cause the lumps. She gets migraines almost everyday now along with bloody noises, sensitivity to the light or sound. Put it this way she is not the Michelle we all love & know. I do all her IV bage which are just nutrients to give her what she needs & keep her alive along with water. The IV gets changed everyday plus her commode has to be emptied two to three times a day cause she has lost almost all her muscle & has very little energy to be able to get to the bathroom by herself safely. She has a wheelchair for when we need to go to the hospital but if we are not going to a doctor or hospital my mom has to stay home in bed 24/7. She's to weak to do things & time to time she gets a little rush then over does it then pays for it. Now with me being back to school they allow me to drive & have my phone with me during school but I worry about her all day cause I make sure she has her meds close by plus other things to help her through the day but we don't have any family close by that can help & we have a few friends that do stuff here & there but they have their own lives, get busy, & just run out of time. We are not eligible for any government programs due to my mom worked hard, ( she feels like she's being punished by the government for paying taxes, having a good job, college & staying off of welfare) made sure she had long term disability but what they didn't tell her it wouldn't be enough & just enough to be NOT eligible for Medicad & other programs that could help us now cause you can't make over $800 a month. We have cut back on everything obviously the first thing is food, then cable, electric, gas things we need but then go with out & it's still not helping. The bills are getting more & more piled up? The medical bills have to sit in a pile behind the Must Pay Bills! My mom taught me how to do the bills cause she has gotten so sick now that just getting up to pay a bill is a lot for her. I try to do physical therapy everyday but lately it just doesn't seem like there is not enough time in the day to do everything, there are times we don't get done until 1a. On a school night. My mom has other health problems from being so sick & the result of getting Cancer. She has Sjögren's Syndrome which is a Auto immune deficiency that effects her eyes by giving her dry eyes then gets horrible nerve pain in her Jaw, chin & teeth. She told me it feels like her jaw is broke & someone is ripping her teeth out with pliers! It took two weeks for the medication to kick in plus it costs $189 a month & they explained to my mom after she told them it was to expensive for her to pay that's the best one for her to be one due to how severe it is. The prescriptions each month are outrageous & there have been times lately that my mom hasn't been able to get some of her MEDS due to we don't have the money for it. She also has severe fibromyalgia that is constinatly flared up due to her body not being able to rest, heal or not be so stressed out worrying about everything. We had a nursing staff but it's no longer available due to our health care policy & they told her she would have to pay independently. She had nurses aids that would help her get dressed, take a shower, brush her teeth or just anything else she needed done for her or the house now we don't have that so its created more stress on the both of us.  I have watched my mom over the years help so many people, do things that people don't even know about & she would always tell me that if you brag it wasn't done with good intensions, you did it cause you felt inside that you needed to help this person or thing. Well that's what we are asking for Not Charity we need people with good intentions cause if there ever was a time my mom needed help it's now.                                                                         

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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