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Last, best hope, for stability. (Injured Worker)
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Second attempt, better than the first. More honest, more in depth. We're simply trying to prevent our homeless status from returning, and to maybe get our own small start up going so Meghan can have an income.

     First, I must ask you like this on Facebook, and share it on any social media or e-mail groups you may be a part of.

     Shit has hit the fan with my workers comp case... it's now taking precedence over everything. I'm probably going to have to pay for a second opinion and file in court out of pocket... If it doesn't go well, my case is completely dead in the water.

     We're trying to generate enough funding to keep our home, so we don't end up back on the streets again, and to get a small startup going so I can generate an income of my own.

     Well, I'm trying this again after learing alot from the last campaign.Trying to be overly positive, and plaster a smile on my face was the wrong choice. Now I swallow what little is left of my pride. Yes, we applied through help from every orginization that offers assistance in our area, no, we did not qualify, or they were out due to low funding. We have also pawned or sold everything of resale value we had inorder to get by... so no, that is not an option.

     My name is Meghan, and I am an activist (civil rights, social justice), and injured worker from Texas. My pay benifits have long since run out, but I am still going through the medical. I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Impingment Syndrome, and an extremely painful Multidirectional Instability of the right shoulder which causes the arm to partialy dislocate frequently. This prevents me from working with in my own fields and training. This injury occured on a federal instalation, as the direct result of another human being forcefully dislocating my arm. No, I was not in the military.

     My partner and I moved to Seattle with the promises of gainful employment and supperior medical care for my injury. Only one of these turned out to be true, and even that one has been a mixed bag. I am still fighting the insurance company for my back pay, and to approve the surgeries I desepratly need to return to a somewhat normal lffe. Until the surgery happens, I am unemployable, and our situation won't get any better.

     Our first goa,or Phase 1, l is to secure the 2000$ we're short on our move in expnses for our new home. We were lucky enough to be given a small amount of extra time to come up with the difference.

     Our second goal, or Phase 2, is obtain an additional 2000+ for legal and medical expenses, my workers comp battle is draging on too long and I need to be able to pay the filing fees to take the insurance company to court for their negligent treatment of my case. As it stands right now, and I do need a second opinion, my shoulder may be inoperable due to the age of the injury, and because the earlier operations have been put off and my condition has grown worse.

     Our third goal, or Phase 3, is to procoure the few missing pieces of equipment to start our own business, which I can run at my slowed pace, while he (Edward) works. These would be miscalanious networking parts to set up the printer banks for a small home printshop, and the missing pieces for Edwards winery. We do have the largest and most expensive pieces already... but we're too strapped to swing the rest... I have customers pending for printing, and Edwards potential winery is drawing attention, but we need products to show for our efforts and to grow these beyond a 1 car garage. We currently expect the pieces to run somewhere around 2,000, though with market fluctuations it could change at any moment.

     We will update the goals for each additional Phase as we hit the old goal. The perks being offered will come about as their production is completed... For the prints, cards, and calanders, expect September or October. For wine, expect sometime later in the year, or early next. We want to make sure we provide the best quality products possible, so no rush jobs on our part. We do appreciate your paitence. 

     It's very hard to recover when you're sleeping in a car, or on an air mattress in a kind person's home. It's even harder when your partner suffers from chronic depression. We really cant go back to living like that again... and your help can prevent it.

Thankyou, in advance,

PS: I detest cellphone cameras and really want my camera back...

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$5 USD
Personalized Thank you postcard.
  • 0 claimed
A personalized thank you note in the form of a postcard created and printed by me, sent straight to your mailbox.
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$20 USD
Unique Photo Print
  • 2 claimed
A 12 by 18 inch print of a unique photograph. Subject matter is your choice, with in copyright law and physical restrictions like distance. Both the photo file and print are yours.
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$40 USD
Interesting Shots Calendar 2015
  • 0 claimed
A 13 month calendar featuring interesting things I have and will shoot in the near future. The layout will be for 2015. These will be printed in house and assembled by hand.
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$50 USD
Hand crafted something. v1
  • 0 claimed
Something made of wood, or metal, or leather, or some combination of the 3.
The item will be of your choice or random, with in a reasonable cost to produce.
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$70 USD
Bottle O' Wine
  • 0 claimed
  • 25 remaining
A bottle of wine off our first batch. The shipping is expensive, which is why this is not a 50$ item. The wine off this batch will not be for sale. Must be 21 or older, some states, counties, and international shipping prohibited.
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$100 USD
Custom Shots Calendar.
  • 0 claimed
You chose the subject matter, with in copyright law and physical restrictions. Sorry, no people or models unless you provide them. It will be unique, and one of a kind if you want it to be... or if you want more, we can always work out a deal. Layouts available for any year.
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$100 USD
Handcrafted Something. v2
  • 0 claimed
Something leather, wood, para-cord, metal, or some combination therein. Ask and it shall be yours with in material cost reason. Your choice or random.
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$200 USD
Handcrafted something else V3
  • 0 claimed
Same as the last two, but worth more, with more time taken to make it. Wood, leather, para-cord, metal, and or stone. Your choice, or totally random.
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$300 USD
Case of wine.
  • 0 claimed
  • 10 remaining
Wine is best hared with friends, get together a group for this one. again, shipping is a large chunk of the expense. share it around and split the difference. Way better value than a single bottle. The wine off this batch will not be for sale. Must be 21 or older, some states, counties, and international shipping prohibited.
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$7,000 USD
Barrel of custom WINE!!
  • 0 claimed
  • 5 remaining
This is actually not a joke. Though I’d probably have a heart attack if someone went through with this.
We’re talking a custom barrel of the wine grape or grapes of your choice… We can either bottle it for you, or bring the whole barrel to you. The price includes bottles, and custom color labels/naming of your choice. The price also includes the cost to rent a truck and drive to your location, since there is no way in hell to ship this much wine… Added perk on this one, A visit by Meghan and Edward. We’ll even try to stick around a few days or a week :)

Must be 21 and over.
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$25,000 USD
My first born child.
  • 0 claimed
  • 1 remaining
Yes, this is a joke... I can't have kids.
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