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It’s my birthday and I’m going to need furniture. I don’t normally acknowledge my birthday let alone ask for anything. The whole concept of a “fundraiser” is even slightly comical to me but here I am filling out this form to ask for money. For ...

I don’t normally acknowledge my birthday let alone ask for anything. The whole concept of a “fundraiser” is even slightly comical to me but here I am filling out this form to ask for money. For anyone who knows me personally you know what the past year has consisted of. I’m not complaining because I had amazing support and everything finally worked out for the best. For anyone who doesn’t know and would like to hear my whirlwind of a story feel free to ask. (Details added at the bottom feel free to ask any questions you may have) Hopefully the chaos that has been the past seven months is behind us (Me, the kiddo, the family, and all my amazingly supportive friends) and we can move forward. We are in the process of finding a new place to settle and once we do acquire one then we are going to need to furnish it. I haven’t needed furniture of my own for quite some time so I don’t have much as far as living rooms and kitchens go. I’m hoping $1500 is more than enough to furnish a place, since I can be fairly frugal, no matter though if by some strange chance people are generous enough that we have money to spare I’m going to let the kiddo pick a charity to donate it to. I’m even open to donated items rather than money. I just know I’m going to need a whole lot of stuff for the new place.

(This is kind of a dual birthday request since the kiddo got gypped on his from the whole ordeal so his room gets furnished first. Pretty sure he out grew his bed)


Per request I have decided to tell my story I attempted to avoid it for several reasons but after much thought and discussion I feel it is best if I share not for me but for anyone who may come across this and be in a similar situation or know someone who is. I am going to be omitting names and a few details for the sake of others privacy. I also ask if you know any of the parties involved to please respect their privacy as well. My point is not to create judgment on anyone but awareness and hope for those who need it.

Here it goes…

Several months ago I was spending a typical Saturday afternoon at home with my son when there was a knock at the door. There was a man claiming to be a police officer (he was in plain clothes no uniform and was later verified as a cop) and stating that he was there to take my son. When I informed him I was the custodial parent he told me he had papers stating I was to turn my son over to my ex-husband. I instantly informed him he could not enter the house, explained I had no knowledge of what he was talking about, and that I would not force my son to go anywhere. I had not seen or received any paper work at this point and did not receive any for several more days. Once the discussions were complete I attempted to shut the door at which point he and the other officer (who arrived at a point I had shut the door to go get paper work to show the officer) opened the storm door and stopped me. I shut the door again and thinking it was locked proceeded to go upstairs but before I could get to the first step I was being tackled. I was forced to the ground and pinned there. One had his knee in my back pinning one arm behind me and the other under me. The other had my legs twisted and pushed towards my back. I stated several times I was not resisting arrest they said that was exactly what I was doing. They then told me to roll over at which I replied “I can’t you’re on top of me.” They then picked me up and slammed me to the ground. At that point they hand cuffed me and stood me up. When asked where my son was I simply replied “I’m not helping you. I’m already going to jail.” I am omitting a few things that occurred after since they revolve around my son. After it was all said and done I was taken to jail, booked, and released. The whole process took a few hours. Thankfully I didn’t have to post bail. At this point I was just overwhelmed with the whole situation but a simple text got me focused and determined. “Now go get him back.” (You know who you are. You helped me find the strength. I love you.) I started that night trying to make sense of what had happened and why. I started speaking to attorneys the very next day. I had lucked out; some friends had pulled together and connected me to an office that was open on Sundays. My legal battle was long (seven months) with many complications but eventually it all worked out. The criminal charges against me were dropped (here is a place where I would love to post the names of all the people who contributed to that win), my ex-husband and I finally came to an agreement, and a judge ruled I could take my son home.

The whole ordeal was time consuming and costly. I had a friend help out tremendously but even that was not enough. For every paper filed or email sent I had to pay. I had to make multiple trips to court houses and to meetings over the case contributing to not only gas cost but also lose of wages for missing work. I am still paying fees and will continue to do so for a few more months from my calculations. All very much worth it and I would never stop fighting for my son.

I am very fortunate to have wonderful moral support from my amazing friends, family, and coworkers. I cannot thank them enough. For people who do not have such, please don’t lose hope because while the system may be broken there are people out there trying to fix it. I knew I had found the right people to help me because they were just as upset and passionate about my case as I was. If you don’t have the drive to fight then no one else will either. Find your courage and people will fight with you because you shouldn’t expect anyone to fight for you.


Cautionary tips:

- If someone claims to be an officer of the law demand to see ID and you do not have to let them in your home. (If I had just let them take my son no one would have known the proper procedures were not followed and they would not have addressed the issue. Due to my arrest they took action and are hoping to stop this from happening to someone else.)

- Anyone stating they have legal paperwork should be able to supply you with a copy of said paperwork. Even if it is actually filed they typically cannot act on it till you are served.

- Even if the police are at your door do not be afraid to call and verify with someone above them that they are rightfully there.

- Know the laws of your state especially if you have kids and deal with custody issues.

- Keep copies of all legal paper work. Even if your attorney has a copy you should have a copy as well.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

(This included more than one state, several judges, several attorneys, and many court house visits.)

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