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Jojo has been with our family since she was 5 months old. She came to our home formerly known as "Honey" but was quickly renamed to something more fitting in our household, "Jojo"....after a popular character on the tv show "Eureka".The most common ...
Jojo has been with our family since she was 5 months old. She came to our home formerly known as "Honey" but was quickly renamed to something more fitting in our household, "Jojo"....after a popular character on the tv show "Eureka".The most common question we get is "What is she mixed with"? We always say Jojo is her own special blend. As we're told when we adopted her, she's 1/2 poodle, 1/4 chihuahua, and 1/4 pug.....Though, we don't see any pug, maybe a little chihuahua. She appears to be more like a Poodle/Terrier mix. She barks at everything and everyone, but is the sweetest little girl once she finds that you're not harmful.

Jojo is quite the active little girl, always running through the house playing fetch, chasing after bugs, or barking at the neighbors. So we knew something was wrong when we learned that she had vomited overnight, practically all the contents in her belly. We picked her up as any Pet Parent would to make sure their little girl/boy is ok. That's when we realized something worse was wrong. She could barely hold her eyes open and her head wasn't very stable. I stayed up with Jojo the rest of the night, into the morning until I could get a call into the vet. They penned us in for that morning. She was given a shot of famotadine(Pepcid) and something to help her nausea. She did well for a few hours, then she started vomiting through the medication that should have lasted 24 hours. Jojo went back to the vet the next morning for another round of injections and some fluids. The vomiting never stopped, so she was called back for x-rays to locate any foreign bodies. Pancreatitis was the primary cause of her symptoms......a really bad case of it. Jojo was referred to an Emergency Animal Hospital. We talked to the vet and let them know that we're really on a tight budget. Jojo is our little girl, we want to do EVERYTHING we can to help her. So they were going to help us by starting out with the basics, which was going to cost approximately $585. This cost was going to be tight, but with a few arrangements, doable. An ultrasoud was completed. No signs of a Pancreatitis, no soft objects (socks, fabric, etc.) What they did find was some kind of obstruction at the base of her stomach/colon. They wanted to keep her for about 12 hours and push fluids to see if we could push through whatever was clogged up. The cost of doing this quickly rose to $1,500. We got a call the next morning and was told that this wasn't successful. The next step, surgery. The doctors went in and found that there wasn't anything blocking her, but she did have a LOT of inflammation around her apendix, stomach, and intestines. In fact, her gallbladder was very inflamed, almost bruised, as the doctor put it. He was able to see that the gallbladder was working properly, just likely irritated by the fact that she was vomiting a lot of bile, since her little belly had nothing left to expel. The doctor conducted a biopsy of 3 different areas in her digestive tract, which we're still awaiting the results of. After surgery, Jojo was started on a round of antibiotics to help the motility of her intestines so that she can move her food through her body more appropriately. She had a successful bowel movement later that evening, but still no bowel sounds, though, the doctor didn't seem too concerned this soon after surgery. As of now, our little Jo has been in the hospital for over 48 hours. At last check, she had been doing GREAT all day, until they took her out to go potty and noticed a small amount of vomit in her kennel. The doctor is concerned about this. We'll know more in a few hours and hopefully, by the grace of God, can bring Jojo home tonight, where she is comfortable and can begin her recovery.

After surgery and biopsies, Jojo's vet bill has very rapidly increased to over $6,000. We're doing everything we can to help meet the needs and pay the doctors who are taking great care of her. We both work full time jobs and have a successfully growing small business, so asking for money is never something that we do. In fact, we try to help others in need when we can. We're running out of cash and options. Anything you do to help us is very appreciated, even if the best you can do is pray for a speedy recovery for our little girl.
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