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To raise funds in order for the Brunelles (Doug & Charise) and their cat (Daniel) to relocate to a new home. We need funds to pay a year's worth of rent in advance in order to have a place of our own. We've been living in people's homes since 2012.

Here is an updated version of why we are seeking funds in 2015:

Because of the illegal foreclosure and illegal eviction on our credit reports, we are unable to rent an apartment or house of our own.  We have been living in various people's homes since 2012.  We have had no guarantees in these arrangements, so the moment that the homeowner no longer wishes to house us, we have to leave.

Hubby and I are entreprenuers, we had a home office and studio in our townhouse.  Since we were self-employed, that was how we earned the bulk of our income.  The loss of our townhouse has also meant a major drop in our income.  If it wasn't for husband's monthly military pension check (he was a US Army Bandsman for 22 years) we would be living on the streets.  His entire check pays to keep a roof over our heads (no one is allowing us to stay in their homes for free), to pay for the storage units that hold the majority of our belongings, and to keep food on the table.

We are in a Catch-22 situation.  We need a home large enough for us to resume our home businesses.  However, we need money in order to afford to pay rent for that home.  Property management firms in California will not rent to people with foreclosures, evictions, and low credit scores on their credit reports.  That is why pre-paying rent is the only way that we will be able to rent a new home.

Right now we are seeking $55,000 in order to relocate into a rental property.  The funds would allow us to pay a year's worth of rent and related utility costs.  During that year's time we will be able to fully resume our businesses, earn an income, and re-establish ourselves financially.  We would be able to resume our lives, the one that was illegally taken from us in 2012.

We are still seeking justice in the court system for the townhouse that we purchased in 2002 and had paid hundreds of thousands dollars in mortgage payments towards by 2012.  We need to earn money in order to continue the court battle.  And we need a home in order to work and earn money for that battle.

Please note that this website does not give me the capabiity to change the dollar amount of our campaign goal.  That is why it doesn't reflect the $55,000 that we are currently seeking.

This is the original version of the campaign we started two years ago:

To raise funds in order for the Brunelles (Doug & Charise) and their cat (Daniel) to continue paying the attorney who is handling the lawsuit the family filed against all parties involved with the illegal foreclosure and sale of their home. They were illegally evicted from their home on August 14, 2012.

The Brunelles are self-employed and worked with their clients from their home office & home studio. The loss of their home has also meant the loss of their income.

Prior to the Trustee Sale of their home in April 2012 the Brunelles filed a quiet title lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Green Tree Services, MERS, and Northwest Trustee Services. The lawsuit challenged whether ANY OF THESE ENTITIES had the legal authority to sell their home. Other causes of action were also named in the lawsuit.

These legal questions arose because none of the entities named in the lawsuit appear on the Deed of Trust or the Promissory Note that was signed back in 2005. The lender for the loan, First National Bank of Arizona, is no longer in existence. It was shut down by the FDIC in 2008.

All of the Defendants filed motions to either have the case dismissed OR moved to a different court. Before the court could rule on the merit of the case or any of the Defendant's motions, the illegal trustee sale took place in April 2012.

In May 2012 an attorney for Fannie Mae filed an Unlawful Detainer complaint in a California Superior Court against the Brunelles. The court ruled in Fannie Mae's favor and the Brunelles were illegally evicted from their home in August 2012.

In November 2012 the New York State Supreme Court ruled on one of the Defendant's motions in the lawsuit filed by the Brunelles. The court granted the motion that the case SHOULD BE TRIED IN A DIFFERENT COURT, and that the case was dismissed WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

The Brunelles have filed an amended complaint with the court. They have now included "Wrongful Foreclosure" as one of their causes of action.

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