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The sun can heat your water, save you money and reduce green house gas emissions that warm the planet.

Twenty years ago I invented a non-electric circulating pump. I closed my architectural practice to devote my time to developing this pump for use in solar water heating systems. With the financial help of some friends and relatives and a few early customers the R & D and development work is now completed and a number of prototype pumps are in service.

Here's how it works. The pump circulates a fluid in a closed loop heat transfer system wherein heat is added at a high place and removed at a lower place. This is what happens in active solar water heating systems where the heat source is the solar collectors on the roof and the water to be heated is below in a storage tank. (See full explanation and videos of working prototypes on our website) There you will see our latest installation on a car wash as shown above where in four summer months of 2012 it saved 74% of the energy that was used in previous years to heat the same amount of water. You can also see one of our smaller systems on the solar water heating section of Wikipedia where it rates the highest among five other types of systems.

The unique feature of this pump is that it is powered by the heat of the sun and requires no other energy source to overcome the convective forces and friction within the systems. Traditional active solar water heating uses electric pumps that require a temperature sensor, a controller, wiring, an expansion tank, a source of electrical power and a qualified electrician to install them. By eliminating these costly and failure-prone components the bubble pump reduces the cost of solar water heating and also makes it available in regions that lack a reliable electrical grid. The bubble pump will similarly make solar air conditioning less costly and independent of the power grid. Because our system has no moving parts to wear out we call it SOL Perpetua.

With your contributions we will immediately buy the tooling and materials and labour to make pumps. As more funds become available both from the sale of these first pumps added to more contributions from people who care we will develop higher efficiency and lower cost collectors and a storage tank that gives over-temperature protection and space heating ability. The testing and approvals for these components will take perhaps two years.

To thank you for contributing to our start-up, for every dollar you give now you will receive a two dollar discount when you buy one of our first pumps or the later entire systems. This discount is transferable to anyone you wish.

In addition to your donation or even if you cannot make a donation we ask you to send an email to your representative in government asking him or her to campaign for the elimination of the subsidies to fossil fuels and nuclear energy so that clean and safe renewable energy technologies can have a chance.

If you would like to receive updates on our progress, please let us know.

Wilfred Sorensen, president
Bubble Action Pumps Ltd.
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


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