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A social initiative & its not-for-profit advocacy movement whose mission is to empower 100 million to love how they look, love how they feel, love the thoughts they think & love what their body can do #bodyproud

Gamifying Evolution in Fitness

Supporting a social initiative & its not-for-profit advocacy movement whose mission is to activate and empower 100 million to love how they look, love how they feel, love the thoughts they think & love what their body can do #bodyproud

Connecting empowering people and healthful products & services with pathways, platforms, prizes & publicity to further their exposure and bring more awareness to their brand and spread the #bodyproud message.

Via the spreading of information, inspiration and insight on social media, new media, live media, broadcast media, stages worldwide, in documentaries, on the red carpet and at award shows. 

Individuals and brands are incentivized -- through transformation challenges, bodyproud showcases, athletic events, empowerment systems, stage spotlights, interviews, and social sharing -- with rewards, prizes, trips, opportunities and the chance to be featured in the book, on television, in print or in the movie. #FAMEgame

Includes features, interviews, exposure, appearances and profiles in:

The Online Community → Home of the challenges, profiles and point tabulations showcasing the social sharing.

The Book… The Movie: Evolution in Fitness #bodybuilding2bodyproud → Documentary featuring stars who pioneered the natural fitness movement; and today’s products, services, people & brands who earn their way in. It’s similar to The Secret meets Pumping Iron providing winners with a platform to share their story, speak their wisdom, express themselves creatively and showcase their talents.

The I Am bodyPROUD TV Series: → Televisual series & PSA’s featuring interviews, updates, and the opportunity for winners to be celebrity hosts /guests. Covers fitness, health & empowerment.

Leveraging 150 plus years of Experience, Proficiency and Passion from the Core Competency Team whose skillsets span the industries of fitness, advanced awareness, media and events: 

-Producing TV shows and Movies 
-Publishing & Executive Editing of Leading Magazines 
-Hosting World Tours of Stage Events
-Launching Empowerment Schools and Entrepreneurial & Mindset Certifications
-Building Communities and Creating Global Cultures… Live and online. 

Their Treasure Chest of Accolades include #1 rated TV shows, Hit Movies, top-ranking websites, best-selling books, development of new business markets, creation of communities and cultures, acclaimed worldwide event tours, and the production of Canada’s largest fitness lifestyle expo → FAME: Fitness And Model Expo. 

This annual FAME convention became a worldwide destination event, attracting at its peak over 450 exhibitors; with 5 event stages; dozens of leading experts hosting workshops and seminars; and over 1,000 athletes competing in physique events, strength and endurance challenges, dance, martial arts, obstacle races and cheerleading. FAME attracted thousands of fans, fitness & health enthusiasts, media, scouts, photographers, producers and the mainstream public.

FAME itself was instrumental in shaping the Fitness Culture and Natural Bodybuilding Industry: launching Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Events in Canada in 1997; pioneering their growth worldwide by 1999; introducing Figure & Fitness Model events into the scene by 2000, and catapulting the industry to the next level with FAME: Fitness And Model Expo in 2003. 

As a result, a niche market was formed attracting tens of thousands of competitive individuals and aspiring role models: inspiring millions around the world to make a change or think differently; and generating hundreds of millions in revenues and customer acquisitions. New jobs, products and services emerged to keep up with the demand. Individuals-turned-athletes became known as fitness stars. FAME was a platform launching products and boosting brands, providing exposure in magazines, on TV, in a community online, and through a world tour of workshops, seminars, events and expos. 

Media Features NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox & Friends, Channel 5 (UK), TSN, RDS, Telemundo, ESPN International & Radio, Army TV, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Life Network, Slice, Global TV, CTV, CBC, City TV, Sirius Radio, CBS Early Morning Show, The Today Show, Pride TV, Breakfast TV, The Howard Stern Show, TV Guide, The New York Times, The National Post, The Star, The Sun, Muscle & Fitness, Playboy Magazine, Playboy Radio, Super Sports (South Africa), Channel One (UK), Oxygen Magazine, American Health & Fitness Magazine, Ironman Magazine, Exercise for Men, Fitness Rx, Planet Muscle, Men's Health, Fitness Hers, Abilities Magazine, Musclemag, Natural Muscle, IronMan Magazine, Pass It On, Bestseller’s List, Prosper Magazine, Forbes , Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider and The Huffington Post


Your contribution helps make this all happen: the roll-out; celebrity-style prizes for individuals and brands, incentivizing evolution, gamifying the community and promoting #bodybuilding2bodyproud. It also gives you the opportunity to get recognition and be part of the inner circle. 

Together we can make a difference! 

*this this not-for-profit fundraiser is in Canadian Dollars*

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