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We're almost there!!! Home sweet home.
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We're almost there, but not out of the woods yet.

Help Meghan (Injured Worker, waiting on surgery) and Edward (Wine maker and only income) get back on their feet, Meghan's nearly 5 year fight with the insurance is either coming to a head or to its end and it would be nice to be stable enough to fight, with the space to prepare for confrences and court...

Update:      (We signed, and have been given until the end of the week to come up with the rest of this gargantuan expense. Because of this, we are going to push the first half of this campaign past its deadline. We only need 2000 to keep the home... the rest is for the few missing pieces of equipment. We're going to push this past it's origonal deadline, or start up a second campaign to try and finish. We did try every program available, and we sadly do not qualify, OR they are already out of money for the month)

Edward and I have found a home... not just a place to live, but a place to thrive.

We finally have an income that can keep us afloat, but we're shy the upfront costs of renting this house, which has a garage, that will actually let us save money instead of hemoraging it in all directions. We've been couch crashing the last few months.

Why do we need a house with garage you ask?...
Simple; Its about time we get Edward's Winery going... and a place to set up a print and workshop for Meghan. Your contribution could insure the stability of this couple, and bring about something many have been waiting for... WINE!!! 

We've found the home, not secured YET, but a home, where we can both work and play. A place where we can garden, work on projects, maintain a healthy life, and get out of this endless cycle of "almost but not quite".

We would of course set up to make wine. Our goals for our new home are as follows.

#1: Set up for wine making. Its well past time for Edward to follow his dream. He has the education. He has the knowhow. He has the experiance. You can help make this a reality. We now have the space, we're just missing a few pieces of equipment.

#2: A printshop comes with this package, We already have all the equipment, just need to set it up. With a printshop and photo studio/lab, Meghan would be able to generate an income despite the physical disability that keeps her unemployable.

#3: A workshop for wood and electronics tinkering. Toys, "Toys", interesting furniture, and gadgets will abound. We have the tools, we have the knowhow, we just need the space. Both Meghan and Edward are skilled, and Meghan has PLENTY of time to tinker on small projects.

#4: A garden. Need I say more?  Nothing is better than fresh everything, free of pesticides, harmful GMO's, and petro-chemical fertalizers. Some of what we grow we will sell at farmers markets, some we will make into wine, some we will eat, some we will give away because gardens always make more than can be delt with.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for your help. 

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$5 USD
Personalized post card.
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A personalized thank you note, in the form of a unique post card, sent straight to you.
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$20 USD
Unique Photo Print
  • 5 claimed
A 12 by 18 inch print of a unique photograph. Subject matter is your choice, with in copyright law, and physical restrictions like distance. Both the photo file and print are yours.
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$40 USD
Interesting Shots Calander 2015
  • 2 claimed
A 13 month wall calendar featuring interesting things I have and will in the near future shoot a picture of for 2015. These will be printed in house and be assembled by hand.
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$70 USD
Bottle o' wine
  • 1 claimed
A bottle of Wine off the first batch, Shipping is the majority of the cost, not all states/counties are applicable. The Wine is not for sale.
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$100 USD
Custom Shots Calander
  • 0 claimed
Choose your subject matter, with in copyright law and physical restraints (sorry, no people or models unless you provide them), it will be made a reality.

Unique and one of a kind, this will be yours, layouts available for any year.
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$300 USD
Something Awesome: Maybe Wine?
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A case of Wine off the first batch Shipping is the majority of the cost, not all states/counties are applicable. The Wine is not for sale.
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$7,000 USD
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A barrel of wine, made just for you, with custom labels, a thank you card, a case of 1st batch wine and finally a personal visit from Meghan and Edward.

Price includes road trip to deliver your beverage and spend time with you.
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