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What happened? On May 2nd the transmission of the vehicle I have owned for the last 9 years went out. The primary cause was the linkage cables coming off, preventing the manual transmission from shifting. While this was a faily simple fix it ...

What happened?

On May 2nd the transmission of the vehicle I have owned for the last 9 years went out. The primary cause was the linkage cables coming off, preventing the manual transmission from shifting. While this was a fairly simple fix it wasn't the final solution. To ensure they would not come out again at any moment it was suggested that at the minimum I have the cables and clutch replaced. It was also recommended that I have the transmission itself repaired because between this and another incident a year ago it had been pretty beaten up and was grinding and slipping badly. The linkage cables and clutch alone would have cost at least $1,500 to replace, another $1,500-$2,500 for the transmission repair. On a car only worth about $2,000 I could not justify spending even the $1,500, so I chose to scrap the car. I have been blessed with the kindness of friends loaning me a car since then. But they often need it back, leaving me walking or taking public transportation.

Wait a minute. Just who are you?

People know me as Leif Adamson. I am an 8 year veteran of the U.S. Army who is rated as 90% disabled. Back in August 2013 I launched my own small business to try to make ends meet. It is called The Absinthe Guy and is a traveling bar tending service specializing in the proper service of and education about absinthe.

So why are you asking for so much?

While I have secured a replacement vehicle the costs are not over. I still owe $950 on the car. And there are a number of things that need to be done as far as repairs to get the car running well again. So any money gathered will be put toward the reamining balance or the repairs.

If you run a business why can't you just raise it by working? Or finance the cost?

As I mentioned my business is based on travel. And well, that just isn't going to happen without a vehicle. As far as financing, it just is not feasible at this time. I only get $1,700 a month from my VA disability. After rent, bills, food, and other necessities I really have nothing to spare each month. To be perfectly honest, if not for a lot of help from all my amazing friends I would go hungry for days out of each month. I hate that I need to keep asking for help. But until my VA disability is raised again or I am awarded Social Security Disability I really don't have anything extra.

If you are disabled, where do you really need to go?

I may be disabled, but I still have things I need and want to do. I am constantly needing to go to the VA hospital in Loma Linda for appointments. There are times that I have 3-4 appointments a week. I also do need to go shopping and run other errands. And well, I don't enjoy being housebound when all my friends are out doing things I should be participating in. I have looked into public transportation and other options. And for most instances it just is not feasible in my area.

What's in it for me?

Well, to be honest I don't have much to offer other than my gratitude. But with a vehicle I can start taking gigs for the business again. And if you donate and then later book me for a gig I can give you a discounted rate, free time, or donate a bottle of absinthe to your event. If you donate and later ATTEND an event I am working I can offer you VIP treatment, which includes front of line priviledges and access to my high end "private stock" brands that I reserve for myself, my closest friends, and my best customers. I will be in touch with all who donate to give a personal thank you and see if anything I can offer would interest you.

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Full Reimbursement of Your Donation
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I am trying to get my VA disability rating raised to 100% or at least get the Individual Unemployablity rating, which would pay me at the 100% rate. I am also appealing the recent unfavorable decision on my SSD case. Either way, once one of these comes through I can actually fully reimburse any donations made if people want. Hope is on the horizon. I just do not have access to the necessary funds at this time.
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$25 USD
VIP treatment at an event I am working
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If you donate a minimum of $25 and later attend an event I have been hired for you will receive all the VIP treatments I extend to my closest friends and best customers/tippers. This includes front of line privileges and access to the "top shelf private stock" brands I always try to have at events.
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$50 USD
Get a bottle of absinthe donated to your event
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If you donate $50 or more and later book me for an event, I will donate one bottle of absinthe to your event. Donators can use this perk to get a bottle donated to an event someone else books. Or perks from several people can be combined to get up to 2 bottles donated or a higher quality donated.
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$100 USD
Get one hour of service and/or one bottle absinthe
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If you donate $100 and later book me for an event I will work one hour for free as well as donate one bottle of absinthe to your event. This could lower your cost to book me down to $100 or less. OR you can use this perk to have me donate one bottle of "top shelf" absinthe to an event. You can also use this perk for another person's booked event. *All bookings must be 2 hours or more*
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$500 USD
Absinthe Slave OR Absinthe donations to events
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If you feel motivated to donate $500 or more I will become your absinthe slave, working events for you until I have matched the amount of your contribution. My going rate is $50/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Or if you choose I will donate one bottle of absinthe of your choosing to an event (yours or another person's) until the contribution amount is matched. *Travel reimbursement may be required depending on location of event*
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