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My name is Shaniqua. Unfortunatley lately, I have not been able to be my normal outgoing self. In March of 2013 my family and I decided to moved to Georgia to be closer to our friends and family. Once I finished my Associates in Human ...

My name is Shaniqua. Unfortunatley lately, I have not been able to be my normal outgoing self. In March of 2013 my family and I decided to moved to Georgia to be closer to our friends and family. Once I finished my Associates in Human Services/Social Work, I figured now would be the best to make this move. So we did! And where we excited! I had saved over $6,000 from work and school grants just make this long awaited dream to come through.

Everything was fine for the first 3 months. I paid allbills and rent for the 3 months, got the children beds and televisions for their rooms, and we had everything we needed! I figured by making sure we had atleast 3 months of supplies and paid rent and bills, we would most definitely be okay! I would find a job, start getting paid, buy the things we need for the house like washer dryer, furniture (bedroom, living, and dining). We would get a car to make things like doctors appointments, grocery store, school activities (social, sports, P.T.A., etc...), and family fun so much easier. We would live happily ever after!

Boy was I in for a treat! Once all funds where exhausted and our 3 months was up, I started to get a little worried. Yet, I still kept my faith! I got help from agencies to help pay rent, bills weren't getting paid. Soon my children and I where facing eviction. We had to live without lights for 2 weeks. Without the lights, our food went bad and it became hard to adequetly feed my children so we started to go hungry. With no one around to support us finacially, we stayed in our empty apartment with no food, no lights, and no hope.

Just in the nick of time a very good friend came in and recued my family! Oh how joyous we were! They helped us get into our new apartment and helped us get our utilities cut on. I begin to feel that faith in the Lord come back stronger than ever! I jsut knew we would be okay. We were in our new apartment, although still empty (besides beds and televisions) who cares!!! We were blessed! When no one cared, when no one could help, they were there. I could never pay them back for that.

So now we have another apartment, the kids are happy, and I am happy. I just need to work 10 times harder this time at finding a job. Finding a job will be my job for now. I will look constantly for no less than 8 hours a day, I will fill out atleast 10 applications a day, I will call atleast 5 employers and check the status of my applications, I will try to get atleast 3 interviews per weeks was my goal. And I would do it.

Today I stand proudly and I say, "I did everything I possibly could to find a job." With over 900 application everywhere in my name, I am trying my hardest and still tryigng to keep a smile on my face daily for my children.

Finally a offer comes through! Yaaahhhhhh!!!! With one more interview in my way, I will start my new job October 14. I wish that was the end :( I probably wouldn't be here telling my story if it was.

SO, now I have this offer and not a week later disconnection notices, and immediate payments starts rolling in. Internet gets cut off :( But wait, without this I cannot take the position being offered to me. It's a work-at-home Customer Service Position. If I can't take this position, I'll be starting form scratch! WORRIES, WORRIES, WORRIES. I have to find a away to pay this bill! So I start calling people I know can't help but I figure it's worth the try. No luck... So I suck in all my pride and get the guts up to ask my good freinds if they can help. By the grace of good she puts the minimum down and the cable is cut back on. But only untill the 8th of the month. Okay, maybe God will bless us by then. Deep breath.

The next day I get a letter from my utility company saying that if I dont make a payment by the fourth of October, they will disconnect! WORRIES, WORRIES, WORRIES! Nevermind that the rent was do the first ($765), cable wants a payemt in full by the eighth ($331), and the utility company wants there cut too right now! WORRIES, WORRIES, WORRIES!

I took the time out to tell my story because my family is really in need. I ran across this sight and I though, "God must have put this infront of me."

I have always been a very giving person and also very independent. This is by far one the most devestating time of my life and surely the lives of my children.

I take this time out to ask that you open your heart as I always have. With this money, my family and I will be able to catch up on our bills and get a vehicle just to make things a little easier. At the most we would like to catch up on our bills. As the Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not want! Please open your hearts and bless us!

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