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On February 13, 2013, a bomb injured Alaa* and her sister Aseel and killed their parents. Alaa sustained injuries from the bomb shrapnel including spinal injuries and internal bleeding in her lungs. She was told that she only had a 4% chance of ...
On February 13, 2013, a bomb injured Alaa* and her sister Aseel and killed their parents. Alaa sustained injuries from the bomb shrapnel including spinal injuries and internal bleeding in her lungs. She was told that she only had a 4% chance of survival but willed herself to live so that she could see her mother again, only to learn when she awoke that her mother had died.

Alaa and her 13-year-old sister are currently having their injuries treated at a rehabilitation center in Amman, Jordan. Their 10-year-old sister and 4-year-old brother are living in the Za'atari refugee camp with their older brother's wife. When I delivered a letter from Alaa to her siblings, it was the first time that the siblings had communicated in two months.

When I first met Alaa I asked her about her hopes and dreams for the future. She told me that she doesn't dare to hope because she had hopes and dreams in Syria and they were all crushed by the tyranny of the regime.

This campaign will permanently reunite Alaa's family by purchasing housing in Amman for Alaa, her siblings and her aunt and 5-year-old cousin. Your contributions will go directly toward helping the family with housing and living expenses so that they can be together after having experienced so many losses. Let's help give Alaa her hope back.

Here is Alaa's story in her own words:

My name is Alaa and I am from Syria. On 2/13/2013 I went home from school. I got home and I was still in my school uniform. I went to my mom and asked her if we could leave our home and go to a safer area. She told me that there was nowhere to go. I fell silent. My mom went to prepare the food and I went with my sisters to pray.

After we finished the prayer we heard bombings from Assad’s gangs. My sister Aseel (13) went out to see what had happened. I heard the sound of a shell that followed. Unfortunately the shell was headed toward our house. I tried to escape and ran quickly toward the house, but I didn’t escape in time. The shell hit the oil tank and blew everything up. One shell can destroy five houses and that is exactly what happened when it hit the oil tank.

At first I escaped without awareness. It is a divine miracle that I did escape with the fire burning in my back. I broke all of my body. My hip flesh flew. Here you can see my hip and even today there are some shrapnel fragments in my hip. Here I had 23 stitches.

The wound where the shrapnel entered my spine is still there because the doctors believe that it is too dangerous to remove it. A piece of shrapnel also got into my left lung and caused internal bleeding. The doctors told me that I only had a 4% chance of survival. Nonetheless, I struggled and stuck to life for one reason—I felt that I had to go see my mom. The doctors told me that she was in the hospital Amman in very intensive care. When I awoke from my dreams I learned the painful reality that my mom had died.

I was only 17 and this was a huge shock to me. It caused me to completely crash psychologically and I felt extreme pain throughout my body.

My sister Aseel who is 13 had shrapnel lodged in both of her arms and hands. The shrapnel took out part of her bone so the doctors put metal skewers in her arms. They are still there today.

My youngest brother and sister are living in the heart of the big scary whirlpool that is Za’atari. No one has been able to help us.

My 4-year-old brother, 10-year-old sister and 5-year-old cousin are all in Za’atari with my oldest brother’s wife. My aunt left her daughter in Za’atari to stay with Aseel and I in the hospital because our mother died and we are injured. I left my siblings in disease and hell in Za’atari.

My only request in life is to get some money for a house where my siblings and I can be together and some money to complete our lives. Because of the intensity of my injuries I will most likely never be able to work.

I am now at a temporary shelter for the wounded in Amman. Every time I talk to my siblings they are crying. My heart is torn and I cannot do anything for them. Please help me.
علا شابة سورية تبلغ من العمر ١٧ سنة. في الثالث من فبراير من هذه السنة فتكت بها وبأسرتها قنبلة من قنابل بشار الأسد حين سقطت على خزان للغاز بالقرب من بيتها فانفجر الخزان وبيتها وخمسة من بيوت جيرانها. بفضل الله نجت علا ولكن الحروق غطت جسمها بالكامل، أصيبت بالعديد من الكسور واحتاجت ٢٣ غرزة. ولكن بقيت بعض الشظايا في ظهرها لم يزلها الأطباء لشدة خطورة العملية. وقال الأطباء آنذاك أن نسبة نجاتها ٤%! بحمد الله نجت علا. كانت إذا سألت عن أمها قال لها الأطباء أنها في العناية المركزة. اكتشفت لاحقاً أن والديها كليهما قد وافتهم المنية - رحمهما الله. ممن نجا من عائلتها أختها أسيل ذات الثلاثة عشر ربيعاً ولكن بأسياخ لتثبيت يديها. يسكن باقي إخوتها ( وهم ٤ و ٥ و ١٠ سنوات ) لوحدهم في مخيم الزعتري بعيداً عن أهلهم وأحبابهم. وقد تركت خالتهم بنتها في المخيم لتستطيع رعاية علا وأسيل في المستشفى. كل ما تتمناه علا في هذه الحياة أن يُجمع شمل عائلتها في بيت يلمها وإخوتها وأن يكون عندهم قوتهم وما يسد حاجتهم.
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