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I've been attempting to be the eye of the storm lately, but wow, it's been quite the storm! I could really use a little help here, but my family isn't in a position to assist unfortunately - so I'm reaching out to the Universe for support.

Ok, I've ...
I've been attempting to be the eye of the storm lately, but wow, it's been quite the storm! I could really use a little help here, but my family isn't in a position to assist unfortunately - so I'm reaching out to the Universe for support.

Ok, I've been a lone wolf for a long time... so please consider this progress :)

I'm a really creative person who's just at the cusp of breaking through and contributing to the good of our world on a much larger scale... if you assist me by contributing some money today, I'll share details of a web-based project I'm working on. (this is where my heart is right now, and what I'd work on given a bit of free time)

Ok so - a week and a half ago, my mom (who's 67 and retired due to congestive heart failure suffered a few years back) finally moved out here from Ontario, to be closer to my adorable 4 1/2 year old daughter (and me too!). She flew out, and was having her stuff and her car shipped here... but unfortunately a process that would take a few weeks!

And wow, a rough start to her new life... she felt overwhelmed by the move, and underwhelmed with my choice of apartment that I found for her. She wanted to cancel her stuff being moved, and go back to Ontario!

After a bit of sleep and some re-evaluation, she came around a bit the next day and committed to staying (albeit reluctantly!).

I figured I'd just help her out a lot at first and take her for groceries and errands and all that stuff... but then my 95 Caravan decided to blow its transmission the next day!

My work had been depressingly slow for the last 2 years and yet I was being counted on to pay my ex money each month, as well as pay for my own expenses and the expenses of having my daughter half the time... so I was feeling the pressure to get making money, but yet stayed too long with a company that was slowly going under.

I had no extra cash left to fix the van, and it had other problems anyways, so I decided to scrap it - as repairs would've been $1300 minimum. (I got $300 for it as scrap a week later)

So then after not seeing my daughter in a week due to not having a vehicle, and not working for that week, I was getting pretty desperate... I reached out via facebook and a friend offered an extra car to use for a couple months. GREAT!

On the second day of that loan, it died. The alternator went on it, and took me 3 hours to get towed and home finally. My friend decided not to fix it, due to the $800 cost, so I was out of luck there.

That cost me my job. And a way to pick up my daughter. And a way to take my mom for errands. And a way to get around and do anything.

Well not quite... I started riding my mountain bike back and forth quite often to my mom's place to visit and bring her things she needed... great exercise! And it's only rained once so far lol

On top of all that, my roommate informed me via text today that he's kicking me out within the next 30 days because he wants to renovate and supposedly got a really good deal on flooring which he needs to store in my room as of Sept 15th... he'll save $10,000 - and is offering me $100 if I can move out by the end of this month (2 weeks from now!!).

I've lived here a year and a half, with a lease the first year... so this comes as a bit of a surprise - and as I told him: "sh!^^y timing"... he had told me about wanting to do renovations at the end of the year, but this isn't exactly the end of the year is it? Hmmm....

Oh it's not done yet... my auto insurance was very, very due - but as I discovered, I had $1022 in fines from 3 separate things (including a $220 surcharge for having 3 tickets in a calender year... even though they were over 2 years apart, and only closer because I fought 1 unsuccessfully - the expensive one as it turns out... for driving without insurance 2 years earlier accidentally due to my sticker running out and getting no mail saying it was due... oops!).

So now, even if I was to get gifted with a car I still owe $1000+ just to be able to get insurance again.

If I can't get a free car I'd have to buy one... and come up with rent on a new place in 2 weeks... and of course I haven't been working, so still need to figure that out.

But hey, my mom's car finally arrives in a few days - so at least that'll help! She seems to be doing better now that her stuff's here too - I really want it to work for her here :)

My parents were divorced when I was 1 1/2 years old, and I never had contact with my dad until I knocked on his door at age 28... we have as good a relationship as is likely to be possible without hanging out much (he's in Ontario), so I'm blessed to have him back in my life but it's not ideal...

...and I want to be a big part of my daughter's life! She's so amazing, and the love of my life by far :D I've been there for her all the way so far, but I can see how current events threaten to change all that if I'm not careful.

I really screwed up, and I would really love your help. I'm a loving daddy and will fix things :)
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