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My husband Dalton Buck Jr. known to all of his friends as “Buck” was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on 01/14/2010.
Our Story about Parkinson’s disease
Buck, Ryan (our son) & I moved to Minnesota following a promotion that Buck had ...
My husband Dalton Buck Jr. known to all of his friends as “Buck” was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease on 01/14/2010. Our Story about Parkinson’s disease Buck, Ryan (our son) & I moved to Minnesota following a promotion that Buck had received. Buck was eventually promoted all the way to VP. He had been doing very well in his job but he started having a little more trouble with his arm. Buck was preparing for a large presentation that he was to be presented in front of the board members and he started noticing that his right hand was beginning to have a slight tremor. The presentation went well and so was the new position. Buck started having more and more issues with his right hand. I could tell something was wrong because he started not liking his job as much and we started talking about coming home. However; I didn’t know that he was having so much trouble at work typing, doing presentations and the list goes on We moved home in the fall of 2007. We opened our own business where Buck didn’t have to hide anymore. At first he was able to help in the mornings before we opened. It was working pretty well for a while. Our business grew and grew and as it did Buck was able to do less and less to help. We decided that we should reduce that amount of our business so I could be home more with Buck. Buck’s tremor has progressed over the years from a slight tremor to him being completely unable to do anything with his right arm. There are no words to describe how helpless he feels. Our Story with Parkinson’s disease (What led us to Buck being diagnose with Parkinson’s disease.) Well we both thought that the tremor in his right arm was probably from a volleyball injury. MRI done and there was no obvious tear and they told him that they could do exploratory surgery. Let’s just say Buck was not interested in that. This went on for about 2 more years. He went to his regular Doctor and he tried every kind of medication for all types of tremors known to man. His doctor said it’s time to go see a neurologist and so we did. I will never forget that day as long as I live. We sat in the little room waiting our turn to be seen. In walks the Doctor, she asked a few questions and she had Buck walk a few steps and says to us it looks like “Parkinson’s to her”. Just the cold tone and the non-caring attitude of her voice was heart wrenching. It was like she was telling us that we needed to wipe our feet or something else that was of no importance at all. She then followed up with we will need to do a ton of test to rule out everything else. That day was the longest ever. We were in shock to say the least and then we had to tell our son and another very close family member (we think of her as our own). We all cried at first and then we all gathered ourselves and said “what does this truly mean”? We started doing research on the disease. So, we armed ourselves with information and knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. We waited to get the test results back and to have her confirm the diagnosis, which she did. The Doctor started Buck on 4 different types of medicine’s and with what seemed to be a 100 different ways to take them “if 1 doesn’t work then you can take 2” on one of the medicine’s and another only take a bed time. Buck needed a full time person just to keep up with what and when to take his medications. After about a year of seeing this doctor she mentioned to us about DBS surgery. She thought Buck would be a great candidate for this surgery. She recommended him to another neurologist at Duke University. We went to Duke University and this doctor was very nice. He evaluated Buck and said he was a good candidate for the DBS surgery. He sent us to Neurosurgeon at Duke University. We were both surprised that the Neurosurgeon suggested that Buck take another type of medication for his tremors before he would do surgery. Because the doctor will not recommend Buck for surgery the insurance want pay if we “choose” to have it done. We took the doctors suggestion. Buck has taken the strongest types of medications the currently exists for Parkinson’s disease. He has had no success with any of the medications. Buck has not be able to use him own arm for more than 4 years. He is more determined than ever to have this surgery. He/we have decided that no one will stop us from having this surgery. Not the insurance company or the doctor. Buck is only 43 years old. We want him to be able to live the most normal life possible for as long as possible. We both pray that they find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Please help us make this dream come true.
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