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Aloha, everyone!

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Alexis, and I'm the name behind Valkyrie VA and a 22-turning-23-year-old hippie girl/entrepreneur who needs a wee bit of a helping hand.

I have spent the last 2.5 years being essentially homeless, largely transient and trying to put my life back together after I had to leave my full tuition scholarship to university due to family & personal illness, my Mum dying unexpectedly in 2011 after complications following a stroke and having to deal with my mentally ill, verbally/psychologically abusive estranged parent. Christmas 2012 - after several months of worsening abuse and death threats - I was forced to pack up a couple of boxes of my belongings, a backpack and leave my childhood home without a car of my own, hardly any money to my name, no driver's license and a childhood friend whose father took pity on me.

I managed to finished my AA with distinguished honors shortly thereafter but I still continued to struggle and bounce around. I spent time ping-ponging around the Northeast before finally landing in Tennessee for a year and getting my feet under me a little bit, but unfortunately not long enough to set roots or really flourish. Fast forward: my housemate had me move to Michigan and here I am - and Michigan feels like home. Despite all of the challenges and ups and downs, since I moved in June, I have been able to establish a virtual assisting business of my own that has been - at least by my measure - successful and I finally have a solid, safe place to explore who I am, what makes me truly happy and how I want my life to unfold. I feel like I have family, I feel closer to the support system I have and I have met a wonderful man whom I never would've met if I had feared being uprooted again. Gwynne took a chance on me and now that I am in a position of relative financial stability (albeit very modestly), I can repay her kindness by taking care of some of our joint financial needs while she is in transition.

Unfortunately, my little laptop - which was purchased for me on loan after a freak accident by another person who also believed in me, and whom I was able to pay back plus some very quickly thereafter - is limping towards its doom. I have been feeling a call to expand into design work - have had LOADS of positive responses to my digital art and to samples I've created thus far - but unfortunately, this laptop cannot handle some of the software upgrades I could really use to help improve the flexibility/scope/etc. of my work. Not to mention that if this laptop dies, so does my income, and that is scary.

I had a considerable sum of money (for me, at least) set aside for business reinvestment (that I would've used on a new computer, too) - but unfortunately that money had to be diverted towards rent. I am grateful to be able to help G out after everything she's done for me, but this poses an issue for replacing my laptop.

So, I'm doing this Fundrazr and offering miniature versions of my design packages, etc., as a thank you. The money from this fundraiser will be used as follows:

  • A laptop, a 2-year extended warranty & 3-year data recovery warranty from Newegg - I will be purchasing this gaming laptop. I chose a gaming laptop because the specs for a gaming laptop are excellently suited to design work (being able to run Photoshop smoothly) as well as being built for heavy use and wear-and-tear, which will last considerably longer for me because I am not a gamer. Additionally, it has an enclosed keyboard which offers protection and wear-n-tear padding. With regular care, cleaning and good maintenance, this laptop will easily last me for at least 3-4 years.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud subscription - Any additional funds that go above the cost of the laptop will be put towards a Cloud subscription, be it a single app one or the Complete package.
  • Savings for learning materials & software as needed - This is pretty much self-explanatory, as I plan on expanding my design skills moving forward.

I am currently working on bringing on more clients and expanding my service offerings, too, so I will also be contributing to this fund - but every little bit helps!

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$5 USD
Thank You!
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I will send you a thank you email with one of my awesome graphics and give you a shout-out on social media as well as sending you a special little badge for your website!
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$25 USD
Badge of Awesome
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You will get the special thank you note, a badge for your website AND a special gift from me from Bean Forest & The Calamity Collective from Etsy - a Michigan grown art business that I love!
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$100 USD
Design Package - 10 Graphics
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I will work with you to design 10 different social media graphics, sharables and/or blog title graphics for your business needs! We will work together to establish your aesthetic desires, decide on the best approach for content strategy and what platforms you need images for (including Instagram, which often gets overlooked!). This perk also includes 3 editorial changes.
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$500 USD
You're A Superhero!
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I'll take the contents of your PDF, give it a light-but-professional edit (spelling errors, phrasing & stylistic suggestions for clarity), help you define your aesthetic (color palette, feeling/theme, fonts) and really put the polish on your material to help it really stand out. This package includes: a cover design, page templates (up to 2), a closing information page and up to 4 editorial changes as well as 5 social media graphics/blog title graphics.
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