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Web based software for rooming lists and group booking and administration for hotels and companies - 10 to 10.000 rooms. Its getting so easy to administrate your group reservation! NO MORE EXCEL.

How we got the idea

We have been working for nine years now with hotel reservation management for the exhibitors of a wide variety of trade shows in Germany.

During our search for a suitable program, we were unable to find a software vendor that provided the right functionality. So we decided to have web-based software written for us that covers 100% of our requirements.

From our experience as a USER, we know what we need and which requirements a new management program would have to fulfill.

  •  Simultaneous management of several hotels, customers, and clients
  • Ability to access reservations at any time
  • User-Friendly and simple operation
  • Password-protected areas that allow users to be managed through appropriate assignments

The customer can manage several hotels in a single screen, and on the other hand, the hotels can manage several customers in a single screen. The names are entered in lists, and every user has access to them at all times.

For the customer, this means:

  • Simple management
  • Requests can be sent and compared online if necessary, for example for requests for certain trade fairs or for large conventions.
  • Ability to save time due to access from every each desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Names and dates can be added quickly by selecting them and moved by dragging & dropping them
  • Cancellation costs can be controlled and reduced
  • Everyone involved can book themselves in using an assistant and can enter different individual requirements such as smoker/non-smoker, hypoallergenic pillows, email addresses for messages, pictures for providing directions, booth layout plans, etc.
  • They receive a link for the program from a hotel for reservation purposes, but if they have bookings in a different hotel, then they can add the second hotel to the same list – the hotel then receives a link for entering the reservation.
  • Statistics are generated simply by pushing a button. The statistics provide information on the total cost for one or all events, presentations, or trade fairs.
  • Users have an overview of the booking status, empty rooms, canceled room reservations, sales, and room nights.
  • Possibility to create separate invoices for each booking in a group booking, thus allowing the companies to associate the invoices immediately with the right cost centers.

For a hotel , this means:

  • No need to request name lists any more
  • Having an overview of the reservations at all times react accordingly, if necessary
  • Additional rooms can simply be added just like in a booking portal.
  • You have an overview of the room reservations every day arrivals, departures
  • Overnight stay statistics for each trade fair or event
  • By company or broken down by department, plus the name of the contact person at a company.
  • Hotel chains can collect chain-wide statistics applying to all hotels and customers.

The name lists are uniform and can be entered in the PMS (Property Management System) by importing them.

For both sides, this means:

  • Time savings
  • Fewer errors
  • Cost control and sales monitoring
  • Reduced cancellation costs
  • Monitoring of reservations and room allocations
  • Updated in real time for customers and hotels
  • Precise evaluations for an event or trade fair
  • Every customer can operate the system in their own language

Unique selling propositions (USPs)

The software is universally applicable and independent of the hotel or customer, language, or operating system.

The next step:

Booking portal.....

  • Every city, trade fair, and event is easy to create according to your requirements.
  • Commissions can be stored as percentages or as fixed amounts in euro.
  • As a client, the user has full control of its use and operation. No company forces you to realize your idea of tourism according to their rules
  • Everyone benefits directly from the revenue received, and the money can be added to the budgets.
  • You are given a little more freedom to make your own decisions.


Do you still have questions?

Then just call me: Herwig Mayr È +49 (0)821 650 7520 or send me an email:

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