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My mom has severe scaring from the 3rd degree burns the doctor gave her during her laser surgery and needs to have a 5th surgery witch we do not have the funding for! Please watch her! View video and help us fund her way to fitting back in to society!

I was a 43 year old divorced mother of two children, my youngest having special needs, so saving money was very difficult. Years before I had gone face first through a windshield when my oldest was very young " before seatbelts were mandatory" and had some scaring and other marks that I had been wanting to have removed. In 2010 I had met my financial goal and decided to have facial laser resurfacing done to have those and some acne marks removed. Doing my due diligence and researching doctors and prices in late October I chose to go to "Dr. Marcus Jimenez" of The Medical spa in Fort Wayne Indiana. Once the procedure was done and a fter leaving the building I knew that something had gone terribly wrong! I was told during the consultation that I would leave the building with my face looking like I had a severe sunburn And that is not how it looked! My face was extremely swollen and had spots where it was bleeding. Hours later when the swelling started to go down I started to bleed profusely, the wounds on my face were deep and although I was following the doctors instructions by keeping an ointment on my skin to keep it hydrated, the heat from the burns and the blood were running down my neck and soaking my shirt, although the bleeding slowed this lasted for 5 days. When the bleeding stopped I had open sours for weeks and even after calling the doctor and telling him my concerns he assured me that this was normal. After 3 weeks and my first checkup with the doctor, I had explained that my skin would still bleed when cleansed and it didn't seem to be healing, he told me to come back in 4 weeks and he would look at it again. I did not return, and this is why. I was lucky enough to have an appointment with a plastic surgeon by the name of " Dr. Joseph Mlakar" at Plastic Surgery Innovations, for a consultation about a procedure my insurance company wanted me to have to relieve back pain that had been ongoing for years. During my visit "Dr. Joe" told me that the laser procedure had given me 3rd degree burns on my face and that although he could help I would never look the same again and would have problems for the rest of my life. He explained that due to the injury's being so severe he would be willing to go ahead and start the work even though I could not pay him and run a bill until I could. In the last four years I have had over 4 surgery's to soften the scaring that continues to worsen, I have had to have my face cut open to have cysts removed that have developed due to my poor's being fused shut. I have had thousands of dollars worth of injections to try to soften the deep scaring that the laser surgery produced, and at my last visit was told that the in office procedure's were not making enough of a difference with the scaring that was continuing to appear and that the next step was to go have surgery at the hospital, witch would be thousands of dollars more.

THE IMBARRISMENT AND TOTAL HUMILATION THAT I FEEL EVERY TIME I LEAVE MY HOME HAS CAUSED ME TO RETREAT INTO A SMALL GROUP OF LOVED ONES. I AM STARED AT WHERE EVER I GO, PEOPLE I HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS NO LONGER RECOGNIZE ME AND WHEN THEY DO THE FIRST QUESTION I GET IS "WHAT HAPPEND TO YOUR FACE?" Children have asked there parents what is wrong with me. I have lost relationships, my home and am thousands of dollars in debt. My friends and my family who have supported not only me but also my children, are in financial ruin. I have been in counseling for over a year and have decided that it is time to stop this tragedy from happening to anyone else and to help those who have so selflessly helped me! SO NOW I REACH OUT TO YOU AND ASK YOU TO help me stop the people who have helped me from loosing there homes. Help me pay my doctor so that he can continue to not only help me but have the faith to help others as well. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST HELP ME CHANGE THE LAWS THAT HAVE ALLOWED THIS DOCTOR AND OTHERS LIKE HIM CONTINUE TO DO THIS MULTIPLE TIMES AND THERE BE NO RECORD! HELP ME BY DONATEING SO THAT I CAN DEVOTE MY TIME AND MY LIFE TO CHANGE THE LAWS SO THAT NO ONE ELCE HAS TO GO THROUGH SOMETHING SO LIFE ALTERING AS THIS! I CHALLANGE YOU TO DONATE EVEN A DOLLER TO HELP ME CHANGE THE LAWS THAT GOVERN LASER USE AND HELP PREVENT DISCLOSURE OF DOCTORS WHO CONTINUE TO MAKE MISTAKES OVER AND OVER. WATCH MY VIDEO AND HELP ME STOP THE TRAGITY FROM HAPPENING TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE! EACH DOLLER WILL HELP!

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