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I'm part owner of Last Second Movers. We are a company based in the Houston area. Last Second Movers was established in 2012. I remember growing up in the Houston area, and watching my mom move over and over again. Most of the time waiting till the Last Second. This is what inspired me to brand our name. Now I see that my mom wasn't the only one that waited till the Last Second to move. When I came up with the idea, I thought about how much money I could make with a name like Last Second Movers. Thanks to God and the service we provide, we have been profitable. In the moving business you witness three types of people. The top percent, the middle class, and the poverty stricken class. Sounds like politics, right? I wish every move I made were the top percent. I make really good money with them, and they tip very well. These people are ecstatic about their new homes and their children are excited. It's even joyous for us to see people this happy. As I said before, it's very joyous. Then you have the middle class moves. These are normal people that are most of the times climbing up the ladder of success. Building families, finding out what feels right to them. Maybe going through some things in life, but for the most part really good people as well. Very down to earth. Last but not least you have the poverty stricken class. Yes, I do allow Last Second to move these types of moves as well. Believe me the majority of moving companies will not. Growing up I remember living in poverty. However I kind of forgot what it looked like until I started moving people that were in poverty. Think about it, having to move is right at the top of the to do list with food.  Sometimes folks only have enough money for a move. That's why a lot of times especially if their are children involved, I will throw in a Pizza Hut gift card at the closing of the move. My Boss sometimes drill me because I allow my heart and my conscious to get in the way of making the best financial decisions for the company. I've been known to discount moves due to the financial circumstances of some families financial situations. Not all of these families are in the situations because of poor decisions. A lot are there because of loss of loved ones that were the providers, life threatening diseases, life changing experiences. Then again it's really not my place to judge anyone. I just want to help. I remember specifically this one lady that we were moving. I went out to meet her for a quote for the first time. She was moving out of a 4000 square foot home to a not so nice apartment. I never asked her why she was moving out of this beautiful home, and going to these apartments. Later she told me that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and that she just couldn't afford that mortgage anymore. I could feel this lady because my mom was just diagnosed with breast cancer around that same time. So that fast this older lady went from being a nurse to being a patient. I could go on and on with stories about what I've seen in this line of work. As an owner I want to give something back. Sometimes the only motivation people need is to know that someone cares. When I see a family with no food I want to give them a gift card. When I see kids with no bed I want to give a bed. If I see a young lady without the things that my daughter have I want to help. I just can't afford to keep doing this on my own, and out of my own pockets. If you are reading this and you want to donate your used furniture, you want to donate food, or if you want to donate your time then give me a call. I will meet you any times of day or night. If you want to donate money to a cause that will allow you to sleep well at night then do so. Last Second Movers not only care about moving people, we care about the people we move. In 90 days we want to have enough money saved up that we can qualify people for free moves to start their new lives. We incorporated High Schools in the Houston area to allow young men to come out and experience work life. Helping young men today become experienced workers tomorrow. You and I can one day look back and remember this day together. We don't want to be just recognized for offering good  moving services. We want to be recognized as going far beyond the call of duty. My name is Ernest Hunt my number is 832-286-5496. As I stated before if you have furniture or food, or even children clothes that's been sitting and you don't know what to do with it, I will come get it day or night, rain sleet or snow. If you look at the picture of myself and my friends, I'm the biggest guy in the picture so you know I can lift whatever donation you have. We always say we want less crime in our streets, but someone has to step up and show these young men and women opportunities. We have to show that people are not all about self. We live in the greatest nation on earth. Let's make it greater. I can and I will. My name is Ernest Hunt my # 832-286-5496. I'm not going anywhere. You will hear my name again. Trust me.... Thx and God Bless..

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