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Help Krista with Summer 2014 Tuition
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I could really use some help covering the costs of my Summer 2014 tuition and book fees. I am in a Clinical Psychology master's cohort. For Summer 2014 I will have 5 credit hours. What does this mean? Well for one, somewhat of a lighter load ...

I could really use some help covering the costs of my Summer 2014 tuition and book fees.

I am in a Clinical Psychology master's cohort.

For Summer 2014 I will have 5 credit hours. What does this mean? Well for one, somewhat of a lighter load (which in a Master's program, doesn't mean a whole lot, oh life, what art thou?). Another thing it means, I am a 'less than part time' student, which for financial aid, means I am ineligible for student loans... Oops.

See last August when I was filling out my financial aid I thought 'oh cool they are applying my financial aid to my summer semester, finally' but I totally forgot to look at my schedule for 3 semesters away to notice it wasn't cool because I wouldn't be eligible to use the money as I wouldn't have enough credits (a Master's program will do that to you... make you brain dead and suck out your soul)...

Being in a cohort, I have a set way I am taking my courses (and being in the Master's a set amount of courses to take) so there is no way I can take an extra course to pad my summer semester to become eligible for the aid (maybe an independent study, but scheduling may be hard, if not impossible... hence the cohort). And paying for it out of pocket... well that was why I was eligible for the financial aid (I mean I could probably pay for it if I stopped going to the doctor, getting my medications, eating, somehow the difference of a credit hour, which is worth like $345, makes that possible... at least that's how the financial aid people rationalize it apparently to make it the cut off O_o).

So yeah, Summer semester starts May 19th and I am hoping to be able to afford the semester without having to spread it across credit cards that have really high interest (like 29.99%!) or coming up with a magical credit (oh credit faries, please deem me worthy of your magical credit powers and give me some imaginary credit hours). The tuition is $1725 (which they always like to change by at least $100 last minute) and then books usually cost a pretty penny (although I am a really smart shopper and I go for international editions, I get used copies, I shop online through ebay, amazon, etc. I would even rent except I need my books for my comps and licensure at least).

The cohort is timed so that we do specific classes at a specific time (and I definitely don't choose them, I wouldn't choose them... this semester... oh... this... semester), so if I miss this upcoming semester, I may not be able to start my practicum on time and thus my internship, it could mess up my comps, just everything could be thrown off and I am just over a year (a year and a semester.. and 4 weeks to be exact) from graduating and taking my licensure exam.

So I am seeking donations to help me cover the cost of my tuition for this semester and books so I can continue my education without interruptions. I will be eternally appreciative for any donations in any amount. Thank you.

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Since I've started my Masters many family members and friends have complained they never get any time with me. I miss parties and outings, no longer have time to help with different tasks, I can't stay on the phone for as long as needed, I don't game anymore and as a result my husband doesn't and so there are no winning teams, etc.

Between May 11th and 16th I have a single week that I have free between the grueling agony that I call school. I propose that for every $25 donated, for whomever donates, I will donate to that person 1 hour of my time for whatever they want/need (within reason, some tasks may require more/less). First come first serve.

I may be available the morning of the 17th (my birthday) and a few hours before and after the dates listed (but at my discretion since I'm in school at those times and it must come first otherwise there isn't a point to this, sorry).

For requests such as driving somewhere, gas is not included. Babysitting, I don't cover meals. Etc.
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