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Help finish our feature-length documentary that examines the impact of jean manufacturing on rivers globally. We are raising money for *animation *music & *voice-over talent. Be part of the movement for healthy waters. See the whole story

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Finished Aug 19, 2014

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Over the past few years, Mark Angelo and the RiverBlue film crew have been on a major global expedition that has taken them down many of the world’s great rivers while producing the upcoming feature film, RiverBlue, which examines the impact of denim and other textile manufacturing on global waterways.

We have recently finished principal photography and have started post-production. This is where we need your help!

What Will This Money Go Towards?

* Animation for the film

* Music for the film

* Voice-over talent

The film is one of the most ambitious and extensive river documentaries undertaken in many years and the team's hope is that it will be an “agent for positive change”. The team’s journey was, in many ways, an unprecedented adventure during which they highlighted the many values of rivers while also focusing on the serious challenges that confront them. Along the way, they ended up taking the first in-depth look at the textile and tannery industries, namely denim manufacturing, a major but under-reported industrial contributor to global freshwater pollution. Our goal is to encourage more of us to become advocates for clean water, healthy rivers, and eco-conscious consumers.

We invite you to join us in this global water movement. Pick a perk and help to make a positive change for rivers and those that use them. Together our voice is stronger.

We are steps closer to becoming ethical consumers and making a difference in the lives of many.  Thank you for your support and stay tuned for updates.

To Clean Rivers,

The RiverBlue Crew

Meet the Team

The production team of RiverBlue brings together some of the most driven and experienced members in their field. Each member has been a leader in their respective professions and united they have been able to explore, in great depth, the adverse affects of textile manufacturing, with a focus on denim, to be able to present the issues globally.

Our Director

David McIlvride - A passionate storyteller, David has been traveling the globe to help give a voice to the people that aren't usually heard.

Described by John Doyle, esteemed Globe critic, as making documentaries that are “gut wrenching” and “eye popping”, RiverBlue brings together stunning images with heartfelt stories from the scientist to the farmer, to the makers of jeans.

David is a Gemini Award-winning director, brings many years of experience to the RiverBlue team, having written and directed several television documentary series', including Ice Pilots NWT and Dust Up as well as feature-length documentaries like Sledhead and It's a Mall World.

River Advocate

Mark Angelo - An internationally celebrated river conservationist, teacher and paddler, Mark has been working to protect global waterways for over 40 years.  Mark has received the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada (his country's highest honour) in recognition of his river conservation efforts over the past four decades. Among his many other awards are the inaugural United Nations Stewardship Award and the National River Conservation Award.

Our Producer

Roger Williams -A Gemini nominated cinematographer, Roger has been capturing images for some of the largest commercial productions with clients like Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox and TSN Sports, to poignant documentary pieces on water and fisheries, for over 30 years. Having produced hundreds of projects, including his own lifestyle series Hollywood & Vine, while also running two companies, Roger brings the skill-set and passion to RiverBlue to make it all happen. 

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