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Store bikes easily, by raising and lowering them like a window shade, without power or pulleys for easy everyday or occasional use. See the whole story

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Finished Aug 18, 2014

The easy way to store & access your bike. It simply lifts it up and out of the way.

Easy to store and acces all kinds of bikes anywhere

EASY STORAGE: Raise your bike with a tug on the safety release and then a slight push down on the bike, engages Bike-Nest's unique mechanism, so it lifts your bike for you to its stored position without electricity or pulleys.

EASY ACCESS: Slight downward pressure will lower your bike to the floor so its ready to use.

NO POWER, NO PULLEYS: Bike-Nest uses no power or pulleys. Its unique spring mechanism lifts the bike effortlessly for you, with only your fingertips to guide it.

EASY TO INSTALL: Only two screws are used to mount Bike-Nest to any ceiling joist or beam in just about any location;, your garage, house, apartment, or loft.

ALL KINDS OF BIKES: Bike-Nest works with all kinds of bikes; road bikes, cruisers, mountain bikes and high-performance bikes.

COMPACT DESIGN: Its compact design makes it easy to install Bike-Nest almost anywhere you want to store your bike. It maximizes storage space by raising your bike out of the way.

EASY TO ATTACH: It uses only one attachment point to hold your bike securely without marring, making it quick and easy to load and unload. The patent pending hook, tightly cinches itself so it won't slip no matter what the angle or size of the bar.

It's easy to store your bike anywhere!

Ladies walk through frame style bikes work with Bike-nest too.


Bike-Nest's  unique  spring mechanism lifts your bike for you. To store your bike attach the self-cinching hook near the balance point of the bike. It will securely hold virtually any bike no matter the shape, size or slant of the bar. A slight tug on the release cord followed by a slight downward push on your bike engages the lift mechanism, which raises your bike, while you guide it to the stored location with your fingertips.

To retrieve your bike for use, gently pull down on your bike. It will stay in any position you stop, as it descends. When it reaches the floor disconnect the self-cinching hook and you're on your way. You can store the lifting hook, out of the way, with the release cord. Attach it and raise it up by pulling on the cord.

Easy two bolt installation

Easy access to use your bike:

Easily and rapidly store your bike:


  • Size: (LxWxH): 12.5” x 4.5” x 6.5”
  • Weight: Approximately 10 pounds.
  • Materials: Glass filled Nylon, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and steel.
  • Load capacity: Designed for bicycles weighing between 20 and 40 pounds (most bicycles, including cruisers).


Bike-Nest is the culmination of my desire to easily store my bike ready for daily use. Frustrated with other bike storage products that were too involved, too expensive or just nonviable for daily use, I decided to design one myself. I spent countless hours over the last three years designing a simple easy-to-use bicycle lift. I tried multiple design concepts and built several prototypes in my garage, from hand fabricated parts. Early prototype concepts were refined and evolved into a  production-worthy product design. This design makes it convenient and effortless to store and access your bike.  I have been using the prototype  daily  for over a year and have shared prototypes with family and friends to test. Their unanimous response has been that; they want one, and urged me to raise funds to start production.

Production Plan

Funds raised  through Kickstarter will be used for (i) the injection mold, (ii) tooling and fixture fabrication, and (iii) manufacturing of at least 1,000 units. Additional funds beyond the goal will be used to manufacture additional units to satisfy all pledges. A successful Kickstarter campaign will immediately commence with the fabrication process. The tooling for the injection molds and dies to produce the components will be created. Samples will be made to verify form, fit, function and finish of all components. Assembly and test procedures will be verified. Volume production and shipment will then proceed.

Procom Engineering, Inc, of Irvine, CA will fabricate the tooling, primarily consisting of injection molds, and to manufacture and assemble the production units.

CAD rendering

 I have obtained a provisional patent and have a patent pending before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Using the detailed CAD drawings and assembly procedures, manufacturers were researched and evaluated. Procom Engineering, Inc. of Irvine CA, was selected as a company which has the skill and capability to fabricate, tooling and the components, as well as to assemble and test completed Bike-Nests. A key consideration in selection of Procom Engineering was their skill and experience in injection molds for the components of the product. The use of injection molding in glass filled nylon allows the integration of multiple components into a single piece. This improves production viability by reducing the number of sub-assemblies and making overall assembly simpler, while reducing weight and increasing strength and durability. A successful Kickstarter campaign will provide the funds necessary to engage Procom Engineering, Inc to manufacture the first production run of Bike-Nest and bring three years of hard work to fruition.

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