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Objective- Finally get to LA
after years of procrastination of where exactly i should move to further my career i've chosen california. I had started a goal back in august which i did not reach. so I'm trying this website why not?

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hey thanks for stopping by and checking out the page.. its not much but the end results of the goal are HUGE.

Finished! Thank you everybody. Our campaign is now over.


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               Moving to Los angelas


 When I was kid, instead of going to a friends house after school I would go to work with my mother.  My mom worked at a local theatre in Grand rapids michigan. theatres are boring and i would often get into a bit of trouble, get into props or end up in random spaces taking things apart for no good reason. Around the age of 13 I started really getting into lighting,  After bugging the local lighting designer for a while, he gave me a chance at running a lighting console for shows. At that point i was hooked and i devoted my life to whatever i could do lighting. Since then i have found myself on tours world famous bands and have traveled around the world two or three times. it's been really an amazing ride. Now i want to focus on something new. 

recently, I invested my life savings into a lighting console with another friend that we are renting to freelance designers. We plan to use that money to start an open source lighting design firm in the los angelas area. there will be a studio where any lighting designer can come in and program and be super comfortable. a place where designers can bring their clients and figure out the absolute best way to blow fans away on their next tour.

the big picture would be to open a place that a Lighting designer can bring his whole rig and program his or her show. But for now we are focusing on getting it as real virtually as we can.

In order to do this i need your help. the cost of starting a business is massive on top of that moving to la from grand rapids is too. 

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