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Help me help my darling Sugar. Her hospital stay and tests, for two days, are at least $2,200.00. Being on Social Security I don’t have that kind of money, but I can’t not have her taken care of and given every chance to thrive. I need to raise ...

Help me help my darling Sugar. Her hospital stay and tests, for two days, are at least $2,200.00. Being on Social Security I don’t have that kind of money, but I can’t not have her taken care of and given every chance to thrive. I need to raise at least $3,000.00 for the impending vet bills and those already received from the first vet.

This is her usual look...

Sugar is my nine-year-old Calico Kitty. As you can see, she has a beauty mark on the left side of her nose,


just like Marilyn Monroe.

Her best buddy, Shadow, and her mama miss her terribly…

Wednesday afternoon (October 02) Sugar got a working diagnosis of fatty liver disease, Hepatic Lipidosis for those who get the Latin. Her bloodwork showed that her kidneys and thyroid were working fine but her liver was severely distressed, she was not, yet, apparently jaundiced. I was sent home with dire warnings that she must start eating again within 48 hours or she would need a feeding tube and even then, it could be too late. By Friday, I was able to get her to eat independently – three times! I thought we had turned the corner to recovery.

Friday evening, though, she got startled and anxious – the result, she threw up. None of the food she had eaten had moved out of her stomach as her intestines were packed. She had not moved her bowels for 5-7 days. The first vet had said that it was natural that she wouldn’t move her bowels if she hadn’t been eating there was nothing to move, but it wasn’t considered that she wasn’t eating because she hadn’t moved her bowels.

I took her to the University of Minnesota Small Animal Hospital ER. They did an exam and workup (Now she is showing the beginning stages of jaundice). Still not certain of the Fatty Liver Disease, the bloodwork indicated she needed to stay put for nutrition therapy (feeding tube in her nose to stomach), and hydration. She is in the ICU with the hopes of having an Ultrasound of her poor digestive tract, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder tomorrow (Sunday, October 6).

Sugar is an amazingly sensitive cat; she is also my little girl. Her sensitivity was her downfall in this case. I have had my own health issues since mid-May, Shadow has been anxious because of my discomfort and Sugar’s anxiety was rising, as was my own. The only outward sign of it was the fact that she stopped eating, gradually decreasing her intake over a one-week period until she stopped eating altogether 6 days ago. She reduced her food intake from 6 ounces a day to one ounce every couple days and then she stopped eating altogether on Sunday afternoon. She has lost 1.5 pounds, at least, in just a matter of two weeks. All of this started the Monday after my own ER visit on Sept 21.

About my baby:

Sugar was rescued from an industrial park in MN, she had a very serious case of pneumonia; the people who found her took her to the Humane Society to get her well. A month later, she was well enough to be out on the “floor” with the other cats to be put up for adoption. That’s when I walked in.

It was a rainy, hot, humid July 5 when I entered the Humane Society's building in St. Paul I was hearing a bang, rattle, rattle from nearly the moment I walked in. I walked around the cat cages at the center of the place; all of the cats were asleep, even the kittens, all, that is, but Sugar (then Kelley). She was throwing herself at her cage door and when I stood in front of the cage, she tried to push herself through the cage to get to me. A soon as the door opened, she jumped into my arms and snuggled in, – she chose her mom. She was 9 months old and weighed only 5 pounds, mostly tail and fur.

From day one, she slept on my chest and woke me from flashbacks from my own PTSD. She would purr very loudly, if that didn’t work, she would butt my chin with her head, and on the third try, she would nip my ear. She would not let me go back to sleep until I had petted her and talked to her. Once she knew I was out of the flashback, she would relax and we would both go back to sleep. This was her routine multiple times a night.

During the day, she would run from the tub all the way down the long hallway into the pile of newspapers next to the couch. She would slide across the floor on the papers and then run pell mell back to the tub.

Despite her playful, loving nature, she was then, and is to this day, a one-person cat. She has difficulty trusting anyone else, especially men. If I’m in the room with someone, she may deign to allow them to pet her, once or twice, but no more than that.

When Shadow joined our family he was 6-weeks-old, I put them into the bedroom and let them figure it out. He was being kept under the bed by Sugar. She was propped up on a backrest on my loveseat playing high queen and mistress of the manor. He had food and water under the bed and a litterbox under my nightstand; he was allowed no other space by her hissing. I came home from a doctor appointment two days later and snuck in to check on their progress only to find Shadow sprawled over Sugar’s back with his little paws wrapped around her ear, which he was vigorously cleaning. She gave me a disgusted look that said, “You were not supposed to see this, yet.”, and then she turned around and gave him a bath. She was 18 months old and had accepted her quirky new brother.

In 2011, when Shadow lost his hearing she was, initially, as freaked out as Shadow and I. Sugar recovered first, took on being his ears and walked next to him to help him from falling – his vestibular system took a month to catch up with the changes – still the big sister!

Now, Sugar needs help. The doctors and medications are doing their part; I have to find $3,000.00 to pay for her health and well-being. Any size donation will help, I'm hoping I can bring her home Sunday, October 06 or Monday, October 07.

Taken just before the cab arrived to go to the hospital.

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