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During the last 3 years Roxana's medical bills have been mounting up. Her husband was very sick during this time :"
I want myself to tell more about us, about my problem. We wasn't all the time like this. I’ll explain you everything: actually it’s my ...
During the last 3 years Roxana's medical bills have been mounting up. Her husband was very sick during this time :"
I want myself to tell more about us, about my problem. We wasn't all the time like this. I’ll explain you everything: actually it’s my “ life story “ I hope not to bore you too much. I want so much to know more about me, and to understand why me and my family are in this situation . I graduate University Babes Bolyai in Cluj Napoca ( you could find on google earth ! ) as social worker and catholic religion teacher, but now I’m in a very bad situation . I tried to work something extra : I had a hand made tapestry , Padre Pio’s portrait, worked on it almost two years, I need to sell it to use the money for the doctors bills and daily needs, because my husband was very ill then and our earns became so less. I found on net, Padre Pio Parish ,the priest of that time , was very nice, accepted to help me to sell the portrait, he isn’t anymore there ( but thank him and a lady friend who help me in this way ) ,so I sent from this town, an envelope with a tapestry inside but was stolen or lost somewhere there. The sending was a sacrifice too, was expensive for us too . I want to tell you that in this problem is involved all my family : my husband was engineer ( his illness was the start of the problems ) and my two children 15 years and 13 ! they are learning in German School very well and they are ministrants at the altar every day because we are catholic “ practicant “ we call this to go every day at missa at the church ! My son wants to become priest since he was 3 years old, please believe I pray for this every day ! As I've wrote you , my situation is very bad, and I’m sure that you guess that is financial one, I cannot manage anymore now and go out from this situation to pay back all that we spent at the doctors.. Two years ago our state cut down 25% from all the salaries from state workers like me, it’s a disaster for me, they say that only last year , but I don’t believe, anyway for me means a disaster. All this financial problems involved all the family, I want to tell you that God blessed us with so good children : they knew so well all this and want only to could be able to pay back all, they don’t ask anything , here in our country at new year, the priest and children went in catholic people homes to “ saint “ the homes with water and people give money to the children , all the money that our children received they pay to school and gave me even my boy wanted for him so much a guitar , If you could imagine this ! I cannot forget that at Christmas when was Christmas Eve, I was at the church with the children, when we came back the ambulance was at our flat, taking my husband, a neighbor called the ambulance. The children remained was very shocked, remained alone at home, they don’t know what to do: to eat Christmas dinner alone, to open the presents, or what ? I could come home only in midnight. So all of these are I have to carry and keep with calm, I don’t know how long I could, and these wasn’t enough , another story: since almost two month I had my ear drum broken because was an infection and I wasn’t at the doctor because I had to go to a specialist doctor in ears and there I had to pay and I hoped to solve with some other medicines I had, wasn’t enough. I have to go and I borrowed money for this, now I have to go in every week to see how is. And another story : the children the same had to take some pills, my son hasn’t enough Calcium and Magnesium , he is very tall now , is 1 80 m tall ! my daughter has a grown up value that indicate that she has some rheumatic infection, she must go to the doctor on these days , we’ll see then, I couldn’t before of course because the money. Please believe I’m afraid to think how our days are, where from I borrowed some money for food…, I cannot be happy and calm feeling so bad with my health and with this huge problem to solve. Perhaps these things seem to you strange, for me is a fight. Imagine that I work since 30 years, and we must borrowed money for food. I we have to borrow from banks because we need to doctors even we pay social and medical assurance. Here the corruption is a normal thing , perhaps you heard that we are not allowed in European Union because of this. We must pay extra to all the doctors. Please believe me that I earn almost 250 euro ( in lei ) in a month, my husband had almost 100 hundred and we have to pay now back ten times more ! Once I told to the confession that I prefer illness instead of humiliation to borrow money.! Thank you again and again for your attention , would be real miracle ! " So , I'm feeling better now , as a confession ! "

Roxana's children are not well and she suffering from deep depression. Please help this desperate mother to save herself and her children.
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