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"Healing the World one word at a time. Feeding the World one seed at a time." See the whole story

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"With pains and aches are marks made on us, we become beautified by them only when they are healed." - Africa's Ogun

We all need healing. Let us begin here because "compassion has no limit and kindness has no enemy" ...

FUND A DREAM that will live beyond me.

Greetings of Peace,

     I look to accept great friendship and help (in any form) from you all. I want to live my purpose and writing serves as only the surface. I will to publish a personal compilation of writings. Adjacent to this, I'm also seeking to purchase and develop land to begin cultivating an all organic fruit and vegetable farm.

    My series of poetry books will document my spiritual and emotional, trial and triumph. With the use of my hearts fix of fresh tasting words and feelings, I hope to inspire others to find strength in their weakness and by so doing choosing to blossom within every season and through every storm.

    I have always been culled by my compassionate side and knew that to be of service to others in some way, shape and form would bring me the greatest joy. As a child, I thought hard trying to figure out how I can help others and still support myself and my family. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I began to look into agriculture with an intense eye. I made alot of health changes in my life as I began incorporating much more organic fruits and vegetables into my diet and ridding myself of processed foods (still a work in progress). I realized that Health Food stores weren't easily accessible (pretty much nonexistent) within the inner city communities, in which disease and illness amongst the ethnic population residing there is most prevalent.

    I resonate with the saying "Be the Change you want to see in the world" because I have experienced the benefits of this positive change by making simple choices, such as to Follow My Heart and decide to become more Health Conscious. I would like to offer the latter to others, primarily those in dire need, through the production and distribution of wholesome and nutritious fruits, vegetables and good ol' art (smile). I respect all of our Farmers and Artist who till into their hearts and the Earth with mindfulness, integrity and respect for themselves and the whole of humanity.

     A lover of Truth and Free expression, Support me with a kind penny or two (smile) and it will come back to you ................ CLICK THE ~ GIVE~ BUTTON WILLYA' ALREADY.

Fall into my bed of writings (spend the night, if you like;)
--> www.fevensfeeling.blogspot.com

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