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Gracie has been diagnosed with Esotropia with Amblyopia, which is a type of misalignment that causes vision problems. She also has difficulty with Sensory problems and Auditory Processing
Gracie has been diagnosed with Esotropia with Amblyopia, which is a type of misalignment that causes vision problems. Gracie also has no depth perception. She sees only in 2D instead of 3D, which causes eye tracking problems and perceiving differences with shapes and sizes. Gracie has a form of tunnel vision. For example, if you put a watermelon to your face and that represented your normal field of vision, Gracie's field of vision, in comparison, would be the size of a half dollar! Because she cannot see the world with full vision, if the teacher says to the class to look at the clock on the wall, it would be easy for the other students to find it quickly, Gracie has to look beyond all the other “clutter” on the walls to find the clock. By the time she finds it, the class is onto some other topic. Think of it as looking through a toilet paper roll all the time. Gracie only tested at the 2% when it comes to being able to have “visual closure”. What this means is that she cannot connect the dots, or close openings in a picture because she cannot see the whole picture. She scored only at the 4% for her letter reversals. When it came to the “tracking test” they could not even give her a score because she was not able to perform this task. For example, to go from the top of the page and read the letters going down or reading letters from left to right etc. she could not do this task.

She also has difficulty with sensory problems. Gracie can only process one sensory at a time. For example, if you tell her to look at you in the eye, while you are speaking to her, she would not be able to repeat what you said because she was using her vision sensory to look at you in the eye instead of her hearing to know what you said. Also because of this sensory issue, she has been tested at “more then severe” in the area of multitasking and brain timing.

On top of all of this she also has Auditory Processing Disorder. Which means for her that both ears are not working together, she cannot block out the “white noise”.

All of this can be corrected through therapy but insurance will not cover it. There are three parts to the therapy needed. Her sensory therapy, (12 days in office visit for 30 min 2X daily then another 18 days at home) will help with her behavior and produce fewer meltdowns. This takes about 1 month. The next part will correct her Esotropia and Amblyopia. This therapy will take almost a year, and will be the most costly therapy. She will have to go 2X weekly for 12 months. The third therapy is the Auditory portion. This part might not have to be done if the other two therapies are successful.

We first need to raise 3,250$ for the cost of the Sensory Learning Program. They therapy class starting March 11th with one opening left and then three openings for the March 25 session. Our goal is to get her in one of the two sessions so that her behavioral issues in school are corrected.

Next comes the vision therapy, 2X’s weekly for about 12 months. A total of 96 office Vision Therapy sessions visits. She will also have 6 progress evaluations during the office phase and 3 progress evaluations during the maintenance phase totaling $12,384. All this excludes the 45minute drive time one way

We are estimating a total cost of $18,000 of therapy plus extra expenses. Due to our financial situation we are not able to come up with the funds necessary for Gracie, My wife is a stay at home mother with our newborn and I am a full-time student at Athens State University working two news paper routes all night just to make our ends meet.

We have an account set up at Redstone Federal Credit Union in which anyone can donate to its called Gracing Gracie, her account number is 51005893484 you can also donate through our account by clicking on the link on our Facebook page

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These sites contain all the information about the testing and therapy’s plus testimonials of the therapy.
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