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Bandit the Corgi needs help!
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Bandit was following his Dad Austin into the house after being in the garage and the fire door slammed on his leg. He broke his leg in two places, damaged his knee, and needed surgery. Austin spent his college fund to pay for Bandit's surgery.
Meet Bandit! Here is his story in the words of Corgi Grandma Amy!

"Bandit is my son Austin's 15 month old Corgi; he is such a sweetheart! He loves playing with his brother (another Corgi from the same litter) and going on runs with his Daddy. Everyone who meets Bandit LOVES him!

He was following Austin into the house from the garage and Austin thought Bandit was right behind him (which he usually is) but something must've caught his attention and slowed him down a bit because when the heavy fire door (the kind that close on their own, and HARD!) closed it caught his left hind leg as it was shutting. He didn't cry much, and even at the vet's office they kept saying what a sweet boy he was being... such a trooper! It is hard to see Bandit in pain. We just want him better! His vet gave us 2 options: #1, an orthopedic surgery or #2: Amputate his leg. The surgeon said this is a very fixable fracture and he will recover well. We selected the first option and Bandit had his surgery on Tuesday.

Our surgeon originally stated it was a simple fracture; that he would need 2 pins and his prognosis was excellent. After 2 1/2 hours of surgery (it was supposed to be only 1 hour) we were told the repair had complications. He did not just have a femoral fracture; he actually had TWO fractures; one of which was a crack down the center of his bone and into his cartilage. In order to fix this they had to put a screw in. He also had some bone fragments missing, so they had to do a bone graft. He had damage to his growth plate and lastly has damage to his knee. So he ended up with 2 pins, a screw and a bone graft. Bandit is home but in a lot of pain.

Our surgeon is wonderful and called to check on Bandit the night of his surgery and let us increase his frequency of his pain medication. The surgeon also indicated that at this point Bandit is not expected to have as good of a prognosis as he gave him prior to surgery. He indicated that his prognosis at this point with an uneventful recovery is guarded to good. We do not regret making the decision to do the surgery but it does seem that now Bandit has a much harder recovery road ahead of him. We are loving on him, making sure he is taken good care of!

The total cost of his surgery was $3,197.06. We have two Corgis from the same litter. I have Bandit's brother, Buddy, and my son has Bandit. It has been hard keeping the two of them apart with this injury; but we let Buddy see Bandit the night he got home and Buddy whimpered and gave Bandit kisses. That says a lot, they usually rough house and run around like crazy dogs - but Buddy knew his brother is hurt. Now we just pray for the recovery to go well so Bandit can play with his brother, go running with his Dad and not be in any pain.

This surgery depleted college savings for Austin; I am hopeful some funds can be recovered. Austin is an almost 19 year old who goes to college and works part time at Walmart. He loves Bandit so much and would give his last penny to make him better; I just hate to see his education potentially suffer as a result."

Giving up money for college is such a hard decision, but Austin did what he had to do for his little man. He also borrowed some money for the deposit in addition to spending his college fund. Tis the season to give back, Pals! Let's show Austin that his love for Bandit has not been overlooked. Please donate and/or share to help us make a difference for Bandit and his family.
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