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A retired thoroughbred headed for slaughter, a dozen dogs, many potbelly pigs, dozens of cats, dogs, chickens, and a steer rescued as a baby from a dog attack call DDRR home. It is a safe, loving, comfortable, lifetime home.

Darlynn's Darlins helps animals the other animal rescue organizations, animal control, and Humane Society organizations do NOT help. Right. DO NOT HELP.

This campaign has been open for awhile without much interest. I'm revamping it today because we have been asked in the last few days to assist in a horrific abuse and illegal slaughter operation which was raided and shut down yesterday (03/12/2015). It is the first time we have been contacted about helping with something of this magnitude and despite being unprepared, we just could not turn our backs because after all, this is what we do. We save the animals others don't care about from lives of torture, abuse, and cruelty.

It's becoming an epidemic. This backyard breeding of animals for money which is turning into backyard raising and slaughtering of animals for money, food, or sacrifice.

Then there are the abuse cases. The pigs and other animals of various kinds that are used as "bait" to train "hunting" dogs. They cut their ears off and cripple them and then set the dogs on them. Sometimes they tape their mouths shut and tie them to a tree before setting the dogs on them. In some places in FL, this activity is considered family entertainment and involves young children bearing witness this cruelty. Let's not forget the others that are considered "commodities" and destined from the start to become food. And now of late, the ones who are raised for sacrifice. Where will it end? These are the individuals we help because almost nobody else does. 

RIGHT NOW we are helping with a huge rescue of various kinds of farm animals seized in a NW Miami Dade (County) raid on an illegal slaughter operation by agreeing to take some of them in and provide lifetime safe haven. The animals have been living in squalor, some resorting to cannibalism to survive, while awaiting backyard butcher or sacrifice in horrific, cruel conditions just yards from a residential community.  Much of the meat from these animals has been unknowingly consummed by the public. Two owners of the operation have been arrested and a warrant has been issued for a third partner. We were contacted about this situation only a few days ago are doing what was asked of us. It has put a tremendous strain on our resources in both help and money to get ready for their arrival but we are continuing.

Without the help and financial support of kind hearted, concerned, and caring people like you, we can only do so much good and help so many animals be able live out their lives in peace in safety. 


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