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A mother has cancer. A daughter in her early 20's has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A grandfather is transitioning into Alzheimers. Medical Marijuana can help!! There are scenarios like this all around our state, and so many more. Act Now! Donate Today!
A mother has cancer. A daughter in her early 20's has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A grandfather is transitioning into Alzheimers. Medical Marijuana can help!! There are scenarios like this all around our state, and so many more.

The mother that has cancer has 4 little ones, from a baby to a 10 year old. She can't take care of her children because of all of the drugs that the Doctors have put her on. She hears that medical marijuana may help with all of the nausea from the chemotherapy from a friend. She researches. She can't eat. She finds that it shrinks tumors. She hears it can cure cancer. She's running out of time to beat this horrible disease! She decides that she's had enough and wants to try something different. But there's a problem. Medical Marijuana is not legal in Idaho. What can she do?

A young lady in her early 20's is planning her wedding. The big day comes and she marries the man of her dreams. They took the vow "in sickness and health." They didn't think that they would have to keep it so soon. The young lady is feeling very sick. She goes to the ER because the world is spinning and her entire body hurts. Upon seeing a specialist after her release from the hospital 4 days later, she finds out she has MS. She learns that chronic pain and fatigue will now always be a part of her and her new husband's lives. The pain medication is making her sick. She can't use the bathroom and she feels so mean. The muscle tremors make it impossible to do simple tasks. When she's not shaking it seems she's just too tired. Some days she can walk, others she can't. Then her dad finds out about medical marijuana! He's tired of seeing his daughter suffer needlessly. It can slow her diseases progression too!! She desperately needs it before her condition worsens. It's not legal in Idaho. What can they do?

The grandfather moved in with his son a few months ago. He's having a hard time recognizing his son. Things that were so easy before suddenly seem impossible. It angers and confuses the grandfather! He's been healthy as a horse his whole life! He feels so confused and lost. It angers him. Why can't he remember what he needs to do or say? He goes to the Doctor. He is diagnosed with Alzheimers. The Doctor is concerned because the grandfather is having such a hard time with the changes that he's becoming aggressive and anxious. The Doctor says that if they were in a different state, he would recommend medical marijuana to help him. The son will do anything to help his dad. What can he do?

All of these patients and family members are faced with hard decisions that no one should ever have to make. We NEED help, but to be a patient or a caregiver using medical marijuana in Idaho is against the law. We have very few options. The first option is to see about getting a prescription drug called Marinol (mostly used in cancer). It's not very effective and it costs Hundreds to Thousands of dollars. It's a synthetic, an unnatural drug. The second option is to go without any medical marijuana and continue in the current medical state in the current treatment. Clearly we are looking for more effective, less abrasive treatments. Cancer bills have put people in Bankruptcy or refinancing their homes to pay for care. MS Therapy Medications are thousands of dollars a Month. Alzheimers care is extremely costly as well with needing around the clock care. The other options are just as unpleasant in some ways. One option in Idaho is to use a loophole in Oregon's program and go there to get medicine and then risk being criminal for crossing into Idaho with that medicine. The other option, and even less safe, is to use the Blackmarket. There are people turning to the Blackmarket for their Medicine. It's unsafe. There can be mold, pesticides, bugs, or other contaminates. A patient does not know if their medicine is safe. Also, patients and caregivers risk criminal charges at any point in time in this state if medical marijuana is present. One last option is for patients to grow their own medicine, medical marijuana. That comes with possible "manufacturing" charges and a 5 years sentence in prison. The last option is moving away from our homes.

The sick and their caregivers are Not criminals. It is time that Idaho join the states around us and show Compassion for the Injured, Sick, and Dying. Please help us change these laws by making a donation today. All donations go to Compassionate Idaho's Main Office in Boise and will be dispersed throughout the state teams for supplies whenever possible. The funds will help with our Signature Drive and the Campaign leading up to the 2014 Elections. The funds will pay for basic supplies at first. Then they will also go to paying the signature gatherers for their signatures that they attain to help get medical marijuana on the ballot. The funds will also be used for printing of petitions and other literature, necessary travel, campaign ads, and much more. Please help in anyway you can. We appreciate donations of Any size. Let's change Idaho for the better! With your help we can do that!
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