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First, let me apologize for interupting your busy lives to ask for donations. It's obnoxious, I know. But bear with me for just a moment-I'll make it quick: A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Cambodia and meet some ...
Hi Friends First, let me apologize for interupting your busy lives to ask for donations. It's obnoxious, I know. But bear with me for just a moment-I'll make it quick: A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Cambodia and meet some incredible people. Among them was a young girl named Sreyleap, who I met at an English language school. She invited me to her home for dinner, where I met her her 4 siblings and her parents, an out of work former soldier who now suffers from knee injuries and depression, and her mother, who raises and supports the five children (allowing her 2 hours of sleep each night). They welcomed me into their home and shared their humble dinner, smiling the entire time at my attempts to eat the fish heads they were serving. They laughed and joked with eachother, and the younger ones showed off the english they had learned in school. They gave me mangos from the tree in their yard and slices of cake the mother had made to sell at the market in the morning. We sat in the one dim light of their house conversing in motions and gestures late into the evening until Sreyleap and her brother rode their bikes with me down the long dusty road back to my guest house. I have been in touch with Sreyleap since, and in the past 2 years she has worked and studied hard to graduate at the top of her class and receive a 25% scholarship to a university in Siem Reap where she hopes to study Rural Development to improve the quality of life in Cambodia. I believe this girl can do great things. She has to get an education to do so though, which is why I am asking the wonderful and generous people in my life to help. Tuition is $500 a year, but with her scholarship is only $375 for each of the first two years. I would love to be able to send it right over to her on my own, but I'm pretty much broke right now... So, if you have any spare change or any desire to help make some improvements in a beautiful corner across the world, please send whatever you can this way. I'm sure whatever it is will add up and we can get this girl on path to a bright future the will impact many lives. If we go over the $375 I will set it aside for next year's tuition, and then the next two years. And if we raise more than that, then we can get her a nice little graduation gift and all go to Siemp Reap to watch her get her degree in 4 years. Sound good? Ok if I haven't sold you on it yet, here are Sreyleap's words when I asked her why she wants to go to university: "I think that continue my studying at university is very important, because I would take a course that interest me and I will be much improve and get more knowledge about the job that I want. Life at university is the time of self-development. After I already setting my career goals, I can build my competency by the good instructors or guide. Furthermore the best is that I could end up with degree that is very much valued in the work place, because if we don’t have a degree from university, it’s so hard to find good job with a good paid. This experience will be very helpful for me and my family. After I got the best skill, I’ll find a good job with a good salary, too. So that I can use my money to support my family for a better situation, especially to help my mother because she has tried very hard to build the situation for the family. When I have enough ability, I also can shear or provide my knowledge to the people around me. Not just only that, when I’ve got a job, I have much chance to help my brothers and sisters, too." And her response when I asked why she wants to study rural development: "I really want to study rural development, because it is the only dream in my life. I think that it is the only job that offers me more chance to work with people in my community or especially in the rural area. I could get more understanding about all lives in every situation as well as the underprivileged children who is hopeless in education and I’ll try to find solution through sponsorship to improve their lives by sending them to school as well as offering them skill like computer, English and Moral education. It is the only career that offering me to have relationship and keep in touch with people around the world. What does make feel interested in this kind of work? Well, because not many people want to do this and I found that Cambodia is a developing country and still need better people join in improving and it is what I really love to do to serve my own home country as well as my people." I mean seriously, let's send this girl to school. Much Love and Thanks. xo Jessie
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