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Chris Ryan is an Ambassador to World Housing and excited to announce his commitment to building a community in Haiti in 2017. 100% of all funds raised goes directly to building homes for the impoverished families in Labodie Haiti.

Please join Chris by donating directly through this website or contact Chris directly to discuss how you might get involved. 

World Housing gifts homes to families living in slums around the world.

Our mission is to create social change by connecting the world to be a better community.

Local Partners Build Homes

World Housing works with local building partners who have in-depth knowledge of the community and years of proven impact in the region. In Haiti, World Housing is proud to partner with New Story Charity. To date, New Story has built strong relationships with the local government and local building suppliers that has allowed them to secure enough land for 500+ homes to be built in 2017.

Our Promise To You

Move-in Video

Watch the family move into their brand new home; share in the joy and excitement you helped create.

100% Model

We aren’t like other charities, when you give to World Housing 100% of your donation goes to the families in need.

Impact Study

We’re dedicated to making long term impact. That’s why we study the social impact of our programs and look for ways to improve our work.


Situated in the Caribbean, Haiti is known for its scenic beaches, vast valleys and a rich history. Recovering from recent tragedies, Haiti is rebuilding; its capital Port-Au-Prince is a vibrant display of the spirit of the Haitian people.

The scars of the 2010 earthquake are as visible as ever, with many of the landmark buildings leveled to the ground and a widening gap between the rich and poor.

Labrodie, Haiti

Labrodie, Haiti is a coastal town one hour north of Haiti’s capital. Since the 2010 earthquake, families have been living in temporary tents made to last a maximum of 6 months.

7 years later, families continue to live in unimaginable conditions facing challenges like lack of nutrition, exposure to diseases, and storms, such as hurricane Irma. The ability to overcome these challenges is a testament to the Haitians’ character and communal strength.

Proposed Community

We’d like to invite you to help transform Labrodie by providing homes for the poorest families in the region.

The completed community will change the lives of 25+ families currently living in the local slum. Every home recipient will have access to community programs and resources that change lives.

A new home means a new start, the beginning of a life with safety, security and stability as a foundation. What grows from there is a restoration of dignity and hope for the future. A home is just the beginning.

The Haiti Community

World Housing invites Chris Ryan's network to fund a community of 25 homes in Haiti.

Goal: Fundraise $50,000 CAD by the end of 2017!

Get Involved

There are 3 ways to get involved:

1. Gift a home as an individual for $8,000.

2. Gift a home with your company for $8,000.

3. Make a gift and inspire others to do the same

Start Your Campaign

Get involved with your Forum Group, as an Invidual, or your Company. It only takes a minute to set up or join a campaign. Pick a name and goal and just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money to help build a thriving community in Labrodie.

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