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My name is Glenda Lee and I need help in building a literacy foundation for children USA at home. I am seeking support in funding my program ‘Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa (my puppets)’ in building a literacy foundation for children living in

My name is Glenda Lee and I need help in building a literacy foundation for children USA at home. I am seeking support in funding my program ‘Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa (my puppets)’ in building a literacy foundation for children living in the city of Milwaukee, WI., struggling with low reading proficiency levels. You will join in the joy of creating lifetime readers and giving these children a chance at a brighter future for themselves and our communities. I believe in my read-aloud mission of getting children to fall in love with reading and books, and in my volunteer program of over 10 years I have been doing just that that; changing the outcomes of children’s lives through reading-aloud. I have a unique gift of reading and nurturing children. I have been working with children for over 25 years in child care and youth work. Unfortunately, due to financial struggles of schools and the families of the children I serve they are unable to pay for my reading sessions that are vital to the lives of their children, So, I volunteer in my spare time and when I can take off from work. Your help will allow me the opportunity to reach more children who are desperately in need of my services. 

What I Need & What You Get

My Supporters will allow me the freedom to give more time into building a literacy foundation of love for books and reading in the hearts and minds of the children we together will serve, changing their lives. When children love books and reading their academics grades, and behavior are influenced positively.  I have worked in many Milwaukee Public Schools and other youth groups and my read-aloud approach had major affects on the children’s behavior and longing for my return to read more books. If I had more time to dedicate on a yearly basis I would affect children’s academic lives dramatically, and change their future outlook. But a lasting change cannot take place with just 1 or 3 readings, it must take place on a regular bases. In order to make this happen I would need $111,000, so I am starting my search for support here with you on fundrazr. The monies will pay for expenses inquired for hours that I don't get paid for days off from my job, gas, literature, advertisement and books, and most importantly Free reading service to those most in need. I am also a creator of children’s educational products that I just recently launched in April of 2014, and you will be presented with my outstanding products for your financial support. Products can be viewed at

Donations: $1  $5  $10  $50  $100  $1000  

The Impact

The rules of grants, non-profits, and other funding source bureaucracy stands between ‘Reading For Enrichment With Tony and Lisa’, and the children whom are desperately in need of its literacy read-aloud program. With the growing decline of funding resources allocated to schools, and youth organizations, our children suffer with the consequences of the loss of the arts, which includes the art of read-alouds within these structures, especially in our poorest communities.

I've observed so many children who were reading below proficiency level, and the root of it all is a dislike for books and reading, a love that was never cultivated and nurtured. It is said that the greatest gift you can give a child is to read-aloud to them. Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa has developed a history of cultivating and nurturing a love for reading and books for over 10 years through my continued volunteering. My time is constrained with having to make a living and still try to maintain my commitment to the community of children who so desperately need my services. So, being shut out by the funding bureaucracy, financial struggles of parents and schools, brings me to you. I believe it takes a village not bureaucracy to raise a child. I need your support in order to give these children a chance at a brighter future. When children have a successful future not only does the child benefit, but so does the communities in which they live. Through your financial support I can dedicate my time to serving our children, not abroad, but right here at home. 


Program Servicing:

Lesson:  Read aloud promoting literacy

Creator/Instructors: Glenda Lee and Tina Lee (Bi-lingual)

Grade: K4 – 3rd

Subject Area: Literacy

Topic: Reading aloud promoting literacy

Time needed: 1 hour session 2 days a week for 2 years throughout the school year.

Wisconsin State Standard (s): C.4.1  C.4.2  C.4.3  A.4.1  A.4.2  A.4.3  A.4.4  D.4.1  B.4.1  L.4  E.4.1

Sessions Held: Sessions can take place at school, community centers, and private homes. Also, at 'Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa" center open on Saturdays yearly, and Monday - Thursday during the summer.

Yearly Goal: Serve 576 children and follow each child (in school programs) progress for 2 years.

Targeted Demographics: The under privilege and children with the lowest reading proficiency.

Two Year Cost: 111, 000, but I am start with $1000


Objective (s): My traveling reading program’s goal to expose children to a fun and exciting way of reading through animate narrations, and modeling theatrical narrative reading to inspire in students a love for books and reading. With the use of voice over tones, pitch, and sound effects the student makes connections the book and its characters; they are encouraged to make predictions, and participate in the readings. Staff puppet members Tony and Lisa inspire children to love books and reading as much as they do. Through this experience children will begin developing a literacy foundation for a lifetime.


Procedure: Through modeling theatrical narrations of story book readings and literacy props. With the use of voice over tones, pitch, and sound effects the student makes connections the book and its characters; they are encouraged to make predictions, and participate in the readings. Through a two forty-five minute session two days a week Staff puppet members Tony and Lisa inspire children to love books and reading as much as they do. RFE offers small group reading sessions of one to three children. These sessions can take place at school, community centers, and private home readings. Through small group readings a literacy foundation is firmly established, this is especially important for children who are not read to a home. Each session is 45 minutes and held two times a week.

Program’s reading center: Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa will offer Saturday community read-alouds from 12pm – 3pm. Read-alouds will take place every 45 minutes. Parents will schedule reading sessions in advance. Each session able to accommodate 6 children ages 3 to 8 years of age. Reading session will be followed up with art or play related to books selected. The reading center will be open during the summer Monday – Thursday from 9 to 5pm Saturday from 12 to 3pm.


Children will begin developing the ability to:

·  Make connections to the story and their real life through verbal responses,

·  join in when invited on repetitive parts of the book,

·  make comments that are appropriate spontaneously or when invited during      


·  make comment after reading that indicate an understanding of the book,

·  retell the story after several readings by looking at the pictures,

·  use some of the language of the book,

·  understand the meaning of schema in relationship to books,

·  understand how to answer the 5 W’s of the settings of a book read,

·  understand who or what is the main character of the book,

·  responds correctly when asked questions about clues within the illustrations,

·  understands and articulates the difference between fiction and non-fiction

·  understand the use of punctuation marks within the text,

·  show listening skills through actions and verbal response to questions,

·  can verbally tell the theme (message) of a story,

·  can verbally tell the plot (main idea) of a story,

·  can identify rhymes,

·  response appropriately to read-alouds whether fiction or non-fiction,

·  understand sequence of events within a story,

·  shows understanding of cause and effect,

·  and demonstrates confidence, curiosity, and self-motivated when reading or looking at a books.


Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa is a Interactive Read-Aloud program. Method: “Interactive Read-Aloud” approach. The read aloud readings are enhanced through an interactive approach by involving the child to get the most effective outcome from the readings. “Such an approach moves a read-aloud session from a passive, boring event to an engaging, proactive one. It shows students how a mature reader thinks, wonders and ponders when he or she reads. The program’s goal is to expose the student to a fun and exciting way of reading through animated readings to inspire in them a love for books, and reading. The “Interactive Read-Aloud” approach will enrich the school’s curriculum.

Tony and Lisa are staff puppets that interact with the students to encourage the students to love reading and books as much as they do. The RRM (Reading Role Model) provides a most needed service of reading aloud to students to develop their brains’ pleasure sensory area for reading and books. Developing pleasure for reading is essential for developing a literacy foundation. All interactive read-alouds can be used at all levels of learning as the skilled RRM (Reading Role Model) adjusts communications, vocabulary, and read aloud with age-appropriate fluency, accuracy, and expression. RFE provide age appropriate books/resources to differentiate and meet the needs of students at the different academic and grade levels. Students will be presented with a wide variety of materials, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry etc.



·  Books

·  Puppets

·  Literacy Props

·  Music


“Children are not achieving basic levels of reading proficiency, especially among low-income families, certain minority groups and English language learners. SCIENTIFIC READING FACT: Human beings are pleasure-centered. This means we choose to eat the foods we like, listen to the music we like, and visit the friends we like. Conversely, we avoid the food, music, and people we dislike. Far from being a theory, this is a physiological fact. We approach what causes pleasure, and we withdraw from what causes displeasure or pain. Every time you read to a child, you’re sending a “pleasure” message to the child’s brain, conditioning it to associate books and print with pleasure. There are, however, “un-pleasures” the child comes to associate with reading and school. Learning can be tedious or boring, threatening, and without meaning—endless hours of worksheets, hours of intensive phonics instruction, and hours of unconnected-test questions. If a child seldom experiences the “pleasures” of reading and increasingly meets its “un-pleasures, the natural reaction will be withdrawal. Trelease, J., 2005, The read-aloud handbook,


“In 1983, the U.S. Department of Education created its first Commission on Reading to explore the reading decline. Its report (Becoming a Nation of Readers)-“The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children’

“Investigation tests found that- small-group performed significantly better then one-to-one, and one-to-one performed significantly better than whole-group setting. And generated significantly more comments and questions than one-to-one, and one-to-one generated significantly more comments and questions than whole-group setting. (Morrow & Smith, 1990). 

“An Interactive Read-aloud with a clear instructional focus lifts student achievement. Well-structured interactive read-aloud lessons create environments in which children are strong participants in their own learning”. From Early Literacy Instruction in Kindergarten. © 2001 International Reading Association.

Meaningful Differences, Hart and Risley’s land mark study showed affluent children heard 45 million words by age four, working class heard 26 million, and the poverty child heard just 13 million – that’s a 32-million word gap between rich and poor kindergartners.” . Trelease, J., 2005, The read-aloud handbook,


We know that reading aloud alone in itself offers no magical solution, but having a skilled, caring reading model and small groups are important for success; attitudes and interaction enhance the potential of the read aloud event to promote literacy development. The nurturing bond and fun presented through the interactive read aloud curves behavioral problems; which stimulates the pleasure sensory area in the brain for developing a love for reading and books.

Glenda Lee is a  literacy artists whom intuitively cultivate literacy skills and nurture a bonding relationship with the reader. Through this experience children will begin developing a literacy foundation for a lifetime. The puppets Tony and Lisa are a beloved added attraction, as they promote literacy to the students.


Glenda Lee founder of Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa” Glenda has over twenty-five years experience in the youth work field. She attended Alverno College and holds an Honorary B.A in Professional Communication and elective in Community Leadership, Business Owner of a 5 Star family childcare center (Child Developmental Enrichment Center) and GEMMS presenter/motivational speaker, a register childcare trainer with the State of Wisconsin, independent artist and community advocate/volunteer. Glenda is also a creator of children’s educational products under her business www.smartwaytoys. Her volunteer reading background experience is exceptional; she has a must see professional portfolio.

Professional Reviews of partnerships with Reading For Enrichment with Tony and Lisa:

 At the Wiggles’ concert: “Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents as a puppeteer for the children served by Reach Out and Read-Milwaukee (ROR-M). On behalf of all the children who are growing up with books and a love of reading, all the parents who are sharing the closeness of reading with their children, and all the clinicians who are supporting the healthy cognitive development of their patients, we are most grateful for your support!”

Medical College of Wisconsin, Mary Siegrist, Program Coordinator & Earnestine Willis, MD, MPH Medical Director

“We recently held five Intergenerational Book Fairs with Interfaith Older Adult Programs at Milwaukee County Senior Centers. The events attracted well over three hundred children plus their grandparent in the city of Milwaukee….I am happy to report that by all accounts the program was a huge success. Much of the success was due to the Reading For Enrichment Program presented at each site by Glenda Haynes. Her traveling reading program exposes children to a fun way of reading with her theatrical narrations encouraging children to participate in the reading and make predictions.”

Volunteers of America Wisconsin, Theresa Clark, Director of Development & Communications

…“The literature (storytelling), music and games you conducted served over one hundred and seventy-five people. The feedback for your contribution was tremendously overwhelming.”

Clinton Rose Senior Center , Chantel Paige, Program Coordinator

“Over 25 students benefitted and truly enjoyed the performing puppets. It is an interesting way to draw students into reading and we appreciate you sharing your time and talent with our club members.”

Boys & Girls Club at 53rd Street school, Ms. M. Perkins Jenkins, Cite Coordinator

“It was educational and highly entertaining, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who wanted to do such a program…” 

Schwarz on Downer , Myra Poe, Children’s bookseller

“The staff was impressed with her expressive reading and plans were in motion to have her to read in all the classrooms on a part-time regular basis.”

The Next Door Foundation , Colleen Smith, Books For Kids Program Coordinator

“The students (529) and staff were mesmerized by the stories you read. The selections were all appropriate and entertaining for the students. Through your enthusiastic reading, you demonstrated to students how exciting and fun reading can be. While you were reading a story, it was obvious that students were transported into the story, reinforcing what you said to them about stories having the ability to move people.”

Luther Burbank School ,

Nancy Casey, Literacy Coach

“Mrs. Lee did a fantastic job of engaging the children through a variety of mediums, puppetry, song, Q and A, and animated storytelling. It was a joy to have her in class the children loved it

Milwaukee German ImmersionFrau Brun and Susan Richardson, Kindergarten teachers

“Smooth, delightful opening and the puppets added an element of fun. Very fine step by step approach to enhancing stories for children through expressive strategies. Indeed you ‘truly’ brought these stories “alive” and you were able to keep us with you throughout. Along with this you “sold” you strategies. Great technique to demonstrate sections of different stories with diversity of tone, mood, and interactivity. You are at the top of your performance approach today!”
Alverno College Instructor’s Comments, Sherry Wulff, PCM Dept.

Other Reading For Enrichment volunteering and partnerships:

·  Milwaukee Public Schools

·  COA


·  Milwaukee Art Museum

·  Cream City

·  Scooter Foundation

·  Student reading session in their home

Risks & Challenges

One of the risks is getting school leaders to take read-alouds seriously, and value them for the most valued educational tool that can be given to a child. Another challenge will be getting the parents to bring their children to the program at the center, where they too will have to stay during the read-alouds. Last, If I am successful in reaching my goal for full funding, I will only be able to operate for almost 2 years, but the affect on the lives of those children will be forever affected positively, and academically.  Throughout my program service I will continue to find ways to fund the program for more years to come. I have great relationship building skills and it will be those skills that have not failed me as of yet, that will inspire and encourage the parents to make a way for their children to make it to the center.

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