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My name is Kage Johnson and I am a 22-year-old Female to Male transgender. I was born biologically female but have identified as a male since I could distinguish between genders; about 3 or 4 years old. As a young child, I dreamed, I prayed, and ...


My name is Kage Johnson and I am a 22-year-old Female to Male transgender. I was born biologically female but have identified as a male since I could distinguish between genders; about 3 or 4 years old. As a young child, I dreamed, I prayed, and I wished, that someday, somehow, I could become a boy. Thanks to medical science and technology, my wish was granted.

The last 5 years I have been living my life as a male and have never felt more alive and comfortable in my own body. Recently, I started going by male pronouns ("he" & "him”) and having people refer to me as "KJ" or "Kage". I love it. It feels and sounds so right. In April, I will begin hormone replacement therapy. This is the process of increasing testosterone levels in my body in order to achieve a more masculine appearance including facial hair, voice deepening, body figure, and more. I am so excited because having these features will bring me one step closer to physically becoming the man I have always been on the inside. I could not be more excited for this extreme, yet liberating change!

After beginning my hormone therapy, I will only have one last step in my transition. To me, this is the most important and most crucial step in my entire process. However, because of financial circumstances, it will be the most challenging part of my transition. The procedure I am referring to is known as "Top Surgery" or a "Mastectomy". The surgery's purpose is to remove breast tissue and construct a masculine chest.

Why is this important to me?

My chest causes me more dysphoria than any part of my body. No matter my appearance, it is always the most prominent signifier that I am female. Every time I plan to go into public, I have to bind. This is the act of using sports bras, ace bandages, or "binders" to flatten my chest for a more masculine appearance. It is extremely painful, causes difficulty breathing, and in some cases can be quite dangerous. Still, if I want to leave the house, there is no question about it; I have to bind. It hurts and takes a significant toll on your body. I DONT WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! I want to be able to go to the 7-11 without it being a whole production! I have missed out on a lot because I simply didn't feel like binding my chest. Top surgery will change my life forever. I need your help. 


I never realized how much support I had until August 2013. By utilizing modern technology and social media, I shared my story. On Facebook, I received 250+ Likes and over 130 comments filled with positivity and encouragement. You guys are my ultimate dream. A support system filled with family, friends, family of friends, co-workers, and even strangers. I felt on top of the world. Reading through the comments brought tears to my ears and warmth to my heart. I am so lucky because many people in my same situation experience so much adversity and struggle with acceptance. Of the hundred of people I have encountered with my story, I have only faced adversity ONCE! I am so blessed and so grateful for all of you. All your kind words and encouraging attitudes have inspired me to become something great. With all of you behind me, I feel like I can change the world. I plan to do so.

Once I complete my top surgery, this chapter of my journey will be complete. All dysphoria will be eliminated and I will be liberated, ready to take on the world as the person I have always been. My body will finally match my mind and soul. These last 22 years have been a struggle but I've made it through stronger and more empowered than I could've ever imagined. My birthday is June 14th. The best birthday present I could ask for would be to get this surgery and get on with my life! The surgeon I have chosen is in Florida. He is prestigious and known to be in the best in the business. After adding all medical and travel costs, I estimate I will need about $10,000. I know this is a substantial amount of money but with your help, and my ambition to work hard and save every penny, I know I can do it. I go back to college at the end of June and hope to have had my surgery by then.

Asking for financial assistance is never easy. However, when it comes to my happiness and quality of life, I will swallow my pride and take the chance. Please help me achieve my life long dream to become something as simple as a happy man. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and give to a person that will be grateful every moment for the rest of forever.  

Any donation helps! In addition to your donations, I will be working constantly to contribute to my fund. Thank you all for the support, the love, and most importantly the acceptance. 

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