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I NEED YOUR HELP! Please take a couple of moments of your time to read this. It's a life-changing project which will improve the lives of generations...


Please take a couple of moments of your time to read this. It's a life-changing project which will improve the lives of generations...

THE MISSION Kabiro School aims to help disadvantaged children to escape the bonds of poverty and hopelessness by providing education, life skills, values and a caring environment that will empower them to successfully move into mainstream society.

SCHOOL HISTORY The school started in 1976 as an adult centre where many elderly men and women were taught simple life skills like weaving and knitting. The idea about the school was initiated by the community. The school is located on a 2.5 acres of land. The land was donated by the Community in 1979. The school is in Nairobi, Kenya, Dagoretti District, Kawangware. Location – Kabiro Village. The school offers free basic education, especially to the needy and vulnerable children within the slum of Kawangware. Kabiro Village is a slum area and it is in desperate need of clean water, medical facilities, food and shelter. Education for the children is beyond comprehension to any household. Parents can’t afford fees for public schools or government owned institutions. It has been the aim of the Kabiro Community School to provide free education to children from the village. The school is actively involved in the eradication of illegal brew and drug trafficking . During 1976, the school changed from an adult centre and introduced basic education to the children. With encouragement, children started enrolling and by 1985 it had 50 registered children.

SCHOOL POPULATION – 2013 At present, the school has classes from baby class to class eight and higher classes from form 1 to form 4. There are 270 boys and 320 girls. The age range is 2.5 years to 18 years. These are mostly the children whose parents have died from HIV/AIDS and others whose cannot assist them due to extreme poverty. The school has stepped in to rescue these children and given then hope for the future.

At the age of 14, children are enrolled in senior classes and after four years they graduate. Despite the extreme difficulties over the years, the school has successfully integrated these young adults as responsible citizens within the slum.

AIMS The main aim of the centre is to transform the life of children from hopeless to hopeful. Slum life is very challenging with many obstacles; most of the slum inhabitants are jobless people engaged in illegal activities to make ends meet. Most of the children are orphans or have single parents and the school is there to inspire them to become educated, work hard and improve their prospects.

MAJOR CHALLENGES The school has classes which were constructed in the early 1980’s through Harambees (community helpers). The building is crumbling and it is in an extremely poor state. The walls are leaning and unsafe.   Floors are uneven covered in cracks and potholes. There is no electricity which makes it difficult for children to undertake their school work once it gets dark. Classes especially for smaller children are overcrowded. There are no facilities to isolate children when any of them catch communicable diseases, ie.TB. There is an urgent need to build additional classrooms. Most of the children in the school are orphans. 57 children are HIV Positive and they stay in the school permanently. They call it home because they have nowhere else to go. During the night they sleep on the floor of one of the classrooms, which is converted into a dormitory. Separate dormitories with double deck metallic beds are required urgently. The school has six latrines for girls and four for boys. The facilities are not in any way adequate for 590 children. A small yard is used as a make-shift kitchen and it is terribly ill-equipped to cook for such a large number of children.

There are no mats for babies to sleep on during their rest period, which is essential for their development. There is a lack of furniture for children and teachers. Most of the children sit in a group of four at a single desk which is meant for two. Teachers do not have desks to store their teaching aids. The chairs are falling apart . The staff Room is lacking filing cabinets and storage units. Currently the school caters for twenty drug addicted boys who are boarding at the school. They are being rehabilitated. They have to be closely monitored and supervised.

CONCLUSION The school has now become an integral part of the village and it is providing a valuable and essential service to improve the future of the children. Without the school, children will have no future and no chance of pulling themselves out of the slum. For survival of the school, the crumbling state of the building needs to be reversed with some urgency. The existence of the school has reduced unwanted pregnancies as well as crime amongst children. We cannot let it down.

Can you spare a few £'s?!


Step 1 - To get a minimum of 2500 likes on Facebook to help get the ball rolling.

Step 2 - To raise £25000 to complete the works over two stages.  The first stage will focus on construction. Stage two will enable them to become completely self sufficient.  From having an electricity supply to growing their own vegetables.


100% of your contributions will go towards this 'Rescue Plan'

There are no administative costs whatsoever. No cut, no fees, nothing! In fact, there are no labour costs to complete the construction works.  The community and mature students will provide labour at no cost, as they appreciate the benefits the shool brings to the village.

Progression will be communicated on a regular basis so you know exactly how your contribution has improved the lives of these aspirational people.

Take a look at some of the photos, send me a message if you have any questions whatsoever.

Please spread the word.

Please dig deep!

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