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Coy Calvin Patterson was born on August 10, 2013- 15 weeks early! After 6 months and 9 days in the hospital Coy came home February 18th 2014. Coy is a high risk special needs baby who is tracheostomy and vent dependent.

Coy Calvin Patterson was born on August 10, 2013. Coy was only 24 weeks and 5 days gestation (just shy of 15 weeks early) when Leah's water broke on Wednesday, August 7th 2013. When we were at the hospital the attending doctor told us that they did not deal with preterm labor and gave us a grim outcome. We were told that Mom would be transferred to University of Cincinnati Hospital and that she would give birth and Coy he would pass away. When we arrived at UC they gave us a better outcome and that Coy had an 80% chance of survival and would do all they could to keep Mom pregnant. Everyday Mom was pregnant that chance got better. On Saturday August, 10th 2013 Mom went into labor at 3am, Coy was born at 3:07pm weighing 1lbs. 12oz. 13" long. His gestation at birth was 25 weeks and 2 days, Coy had a long road ahead of him and so did Mom and Me. Coy was at UC in the NICU until mid October, After failed attemps to extubate Coy and get him off the ventilator we were transferred to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. Their the ENT and Pulmonary teams would try and find out a solution to Coy's airway and lung issues. Coy was scoped and it was found that Coy had scaring and granulation tissue of his larynx which narrowed his air way and was due to being intubated and extubated numurous times. It was one of the unforunate but necessary things that was keeping him alive that caused this issue he was not born with a floppy or narrow airway. His lung issue was Chronic Lung Disease wihich was due to prematurity and is a broad term used for less than optimal lung performance.

In late October 2013 we made the decision to go ahead and go with a Tracheostomy with the suggestion of Coy's ENT Dr. Cotton. We have been blessed with one of the best if not the best ENT surgeon in the world. The trach allowed Coy to have a secure airway for the pulmonary team to work on his lungs with the ventilator, and the ENT team to work on his air way by doing weekly dilation procedures to keep his airway open so that down the road he can have reconstructive surgery on his airway. For that to happen Coy has to be at least 20lbs. and not be entirely dependant on the vent for breathing.

After 6 Months and 9 days in the NICU at UC and Childrens Hospitals and on the Transitional Care Center, Coy came home on February 18th 2014. It had been a very trying time for Me and Leah and our family, we stayed at the Ronald McDonald house only going home most weekends for less than a day before coming back to be with our son. We had spent countless hours by our sons bedside praying, singing, laughing. We also spent time by his bed side in pure terror when Coy would code thinking that it may be the last time we see our son. But everytime he overcame incredible odds we could only give all praise to God.

When Coy came home the first time our fears were quickly realized when after a wonderful homecoming, an unfourtunate accident occured. While me and Leah were doing trach care Coy's trach came out. Coy quickly turned blue and flatlined because he could not breath. It was the most terrifying experience you could ever imagine as a parent. Your child literally dying in your hands while you try and save his life. Due to our training at the hospital we were able to get Coy stable and EMT's arrived to take him to Childrens in Liberty Township. Once Coy was stable he was air-cared back to Childrens in Cincinnati. Coy stayed at Childrens for a couple days and was dicharged on Friday night. There are no long lasting affects from the events that occured that day and Coy is doing well and thriving at home.

Due to problems finding nurses to cover the overnight shift we have spent many sleepless nights watching over our son. I have quickly used up my vacation and sick time because I work nights and I do not feel comfortable going back to work yet without adequate care. I do not qualify for fmla yet because I have not been at my job for 12 months. My work is trying to keep my position open but cannot gaurantee it for a long period of time. hopefully we will find nursing and I can get back to work. Coy is a high risk special needs baby who needs 24 hour care with at least two people with him at all times. Hospitial bills and expenses that pertain to taking care of a special needs child are piling up. But above all prayers are needed for God's continued protection and healing over Coy. And prayers for Me and Mom that we are able have endurance and strength to care for our miracle son Coy! Thank you in advance and God Bless!

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