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For the past 6 years Curtis and I have been trying to conceive a baby. After being diagnosed with endometriosis and pcos we were advised to seek fertility treatment to help us. We have great medical insurance, but found out very quickly that Texas is not a mandated state to offer fertility coverage. We started out journey in November 2006 at a Ft. Worth fertility clinic. After having a minor surgery for endometriosis in 2006 and 9 failed clomid cycles in 2007, we turned to artificial insemination. The typical IUI cycle consists of 10-12 days of injections. Total days from cycle start to pregnancy test is usually under 24 days. Our first round of daily injections and intrauterine insemination(IUI) lasted 30 days, but resulted in a pregnancy and we could not have felt more blessed and excited. We immediately rushed to JC Penney and bought a complete baby bedroom suite, which we still have and plan to use someday. Sadly that pregnancy ended at about 12 weeks due to ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. I was admitted to the hospital for surgery to remove the tube before it burst, which can be fatal. If having trouble conceiving was bad enough- now I only have one fallopian tube. This reduced our chances of conceiving naturally or through IUI by 50%. Our doctor made us wait 3 months to try again. And 3 months to the day we started our next round of treatment in 2008. This time the cycle lasted 34 days and resulted in a pregnancy as well. In fact- our doctor was “guessing” it was more than one baby due to high HCG blood levels. However- this pregnancy ended to miscarriage. We found out on our 2 year wedding anniversary. We were devastated. Angry. Hopeless. Hurt. Looking back- this was the absolute hardest time in our marriage and fertility journey. God used that moment and situation to bring us closer. To each other and to Him. After the emotional rollercoaster and financial stress we decided to wait before trying again. Our doctor at the point recommended we try In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We couldn’t afford IVF. We decided to try what everyone had been telling us- “Just relax, it will happen.” So for three long years we relaxed. I was working for a wonderful ministry and I was surrounded by an amazing group of women who constantly built me up and reassured me that my Savior had a plan much bigger than my own. Curtis was working a lot, too. Lots of overtime. And got a promotion with his job that brought us to Tyler, Texas. We “temporarily” moved to Tyler in October 2010. We’re still here. Mid 2011 we decided to start trying again to conceive. Much to our surprise there is not a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) in Tyler. Or in East Texas for that matter. The closest doctor was in Dallas. Two and a half hours away from Tyler. After much prayer and consideration we decided to do it. We met our doctor in October 2011. She is amazing! I confidently believe God sent her to help infertile couples have babies of their own. And I confidently believe God sent us to her practice. Her name is Christine Mansfield ( She highly recommended we do IVF, but as I’ve mentioned before we can’t afford IVF. Especially not with the extra expenses of gas, travel time, missing work, and extra pre-cycle testing since it had been over a year since our last cycle. So we started the IUI cycle in November 2011. We made 17 total trips to Dallas in 60 days. We spent over $1000 in gas alone on that cycle. After 40+ days of injections, hormonal mood swings, and driving to Dallas 3 days a week (Yes, that’s 5 hours a day driving time) and the super trigger shot, we did the IUI. Total cycle time 56 days. Two weeks later we found out this cycle did not result in pregnancy. Again we were heartbroken. And financially broken. Our doctor only recommends IVF now. Due to only having one tube, two miscarriages, and a failed IUI our chances of conceiving with IUI are very slim (Less than 7% chance of pregnancy). And its too expensive for such slim chances. Over the past 6 years we have spent well over $30,000 out of pocket on surgeries, testing for both Curtis and myself, medication, lab fees, doctor fees, hospital fees, travel expenses, and pregnancy tests. Thank you to all our family and friends who have helped and supported us. This brings me to today. We (still) want a baby. Now more than ever. The doctor’s fees and lab fees are $8,500 for IVF. Plus an additional $4000+ for medications. Since IVF bypasses the fallopian tubes and implants the healthy embryos straight into the uterus our chances of pregnancy are about 50-60%. (for our age group) With the added expenses of gas, travel, and testing we expect IVF to be approximately $14,000 out of pocket. We are humbly to the point of asking for help. Thank you so much for giving me the time of day to ready our story.
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